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Banks are places in towns where silver coins and promissory notes may be deposited and withdrawn.

BANK verb

   BANK ACCOUNT                         - View your current bank account balance(s).
   BANK TRANSFER {bankname} {#|ALL}     - Transfer funds from another town to your local bank account.
   BANK TRANSFER CONSOLIDATE            - Consolidate all your bank accounts into your local bank account.
   BANK DEPOSIT {#|NOTE|ALL}            - Send a runner with a deposit for your local bank account.
   BANK WITHDRAW {#} [SILVER|NOTE]      - Send a runner to make a withdrawal from your local bank account.

For more detailed information, please see the BANK verb article.

List of Banks

There are many different banks across the lands with their own accounts, and it is possible for a character to have accounts in any or all of them. Silvers deposited in one bank can only be withdrawn from a branch of the same bank. To find a bank in town, use the DIRECTION command.

F2P characters are restricted to a single town's bank account, whichever one they first use. If the character uses the bank in Ta'Vaalor, they cannot access their money in Ta'Illistim, and vice-versa, despite the Bank of the United City-States serving both cities.

Third-Party Tools

Local banks are tagged in the map database and ;go2 bank will travel to the nearest bank.

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