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Type System
Special case
System private property
Special Case private property

PROPERTY is a special case verb that can be used by individuals who own private properties to see and change certain information regarding their properties.


    PROPERTY MINE      - Information on your private properties
    PROPERTY FLAG INFO - See flag settings for your property you are present in
                       - Toggles flag settings for the room you are in



As a special case verb, it can be used to show an individual what private properties their account owns.

>property mine
Your account owns the following private property:
Vanah's Test Property
Owner: Vanah
Located: Wehnimer's, Land's End Rd. in Wehnimer's Landing.


The verb allows a property owner to toggle certain room flags in each room of the private property to change the access or privacy settings.

Vanah's Petting Zoo Flags:
  Locate       ON   Allows location spells and items to find you here
  Familiar     ON   Allows familiars and other pets to find you here
  Safehaven    OFF  Prevents Spells and Acts of War
  Teleport     ON   Allows others to fog into the property.
  Vulgarity    ON   Vulgarity WILL be monitored and enforced here.
A room must disallow location, familiars, and teleportation in order to be considered private.  Any other settings makes this a public property subject to vulgarity rules and monitoring.

>property flag Locate
Others will no longer be able to locate you here.
This room IS monitored for vulgarity.

>property flag Familiar
Familiars and other pets will no longer be able to follow you here.
This room IS monitored for vulgarity.

>property flag Teleport
Others will no longer be able to teleport to you here.
This room is NOT monitored for vulgarity.