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Category: Hunting and Combat
Topic: River's Rest Hunting Areas
Message #: 511
Author: GS4-OSCURO
Date: 11/29/2008 7:22:07 PM
Subject: Re: Skinning Chimera and Necrotic Snakes

>>So I recently got my Cleric's First aid to fully doubled (I'm level 46, so 96 ranks in First Aid). I kneel, I use a dagger, and I'd say 80% of the time I still get pricked, and I can only skin about 60% of the critters, while the Adventurer's Guild asks me for exceptional quality skins. Maybe one in 30 of my skins is exceptional.

>>What is up with this? Why is this stuff so difficult to skin. I've trained pretty heavily for it, everything I can do except get Survival. Is 2x FA 1x Survival, or for Empaths 3x FA, just required to skin these guys well or what?? And if so, I think that's a bit crazy since the only form of cash that one can make from the snakes is their fangs.

Chimeras and snakes are both rated as "above average skinning difficulty." This is due to their more valuable skins. Tomb trolls and necromancers are rated as "easy," just FYI.

The pricking oneself mechanic is not based on First Aid. Survival training and the Skinning spell will provide protection against it. Once you've been pricked, you are subjected to a (hidden) poison check, which incorporates things like First Aid, CON, Physical Training, the Poison Resist (105) spell, etc. Getting pricked or not has no bearing on chance to skin or the quality of the skin.

- GM Oscuro

Category: General GemStone IV Discussion
Topic: Game Systems
Message #: 596
Author: GS4-OSCURO
Date: 06/23/2020 10:58 PM CDT
Subject: SKINning daggers

Previously, daggers with the specific noun of "knife" received a higher bonus to skinning than any other item. We've just updated all daggers to receive this bonus instead so people are free to customize the appearance of their daggers as they choose.

GameMaster Oscuro