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The Urchin Guide system can be used for quick navigation through towns. Access to the Urchin Guide may be purchased through the Simucoin Store for 25 simucoins for 30 days of unlimited use. Once purchased, users will gain access to the URCHIN verb.

URCHIN (verb)


   URCHIN GUIDE [PLACE]     - Call a local street urchin to guide you to the chosen place.
   URCHIN PLACES            - View places that you can be guided to from your current location.
   URCHIN STATUS            - Check the current status of your access to the urchin guides.
   URCHIN CUSTOM LIST       - View your current custom urchin destinations.
   URCHIN CUSTOM SET        - Add the current room to your custom urchin destinations.
   URCHIN CUSTOM CLEAR      - Remove a custom urchin destination.
   URCHIN MESSAGING         - See your available urchin guide messaging options.
   URCHIN MESSAGING SET {#} - Set your preferred urchin guide messaging option.
   URCHIN MESSAGING RANDOM  - Use a random urchin guide messaging option.

In any town, use URCHIN PLACES to see the valid destinations. For example, URCHIN PLACES in Wehnimer's Landing:

Valid places:
ARMOR           (Aznell's Armory, Forge)
BOUNTY          (Adventurer's Guild, Office)
CHRONOMAGES     (Wehnimer's, Shop Cellar)
COBBLING        (Warehouse, Storage Room)
COLLECTIBLES    (Collectibles Shop)
DEBTS           (Moot Hall, Debt Collector's)
DOCKS           (Wehnimer's, North Dock)
FLETCHER        (Quaeta's Fletcher Shop)
GROCER          (Patty's Cakes)
GUARD           (Wehnimer's, Exterior)
HEALER          (Healer's Tent, Treatment Room)
HERBALIST       (Herbalist's, Dispensary)
INN             (Raging Thrak Inn, Front Desk)
JUSTICE         (Wehnimer's, Constabulary)
LOCKSMITH       (Locksmith, Backroom)
LOCKSMITHPOOL   (Land Tower East, Office)
MESSAGEBOARD    (Town Square, East)
PAWN            (Kilron's Pawnshop, Front Room)
TABLES          (Raging Thrak Inn, Dining Room)
TEMPLE          (Temple, Chapel)
TOWNHALL        (Landing Hall, Courtyard)
WEDDINGHALL     (Wehnimer's, Parsnips St.)
WARRIORGUILD    (Warrior Guild, Entryway)
BELDRINS        (Beldrin's Game Hall, Reception)
BLACKSMITH      (Blacksmith, Forge)
EASTTOWER       (Land Tower East, Office)
FRITHS          (Frith's Inn, Front Desk)
HEARTHSTONE     (Hearthstone, Front Porch)
HELGAS          (Helga's Tavern, Barroom)
MOOTHALL        (Moot Hall, Great Lobby)
STAR            (Wehnimer's, South Wharf)
THRAK           (Raging Thrak Inn, Barroom)
TSC             (Town Square Central)
WAYSIDE         (Wayside Inn, Dining Room)
WESTGATE        (Wehnimer's, West Ring Rd.)
NORTHGATE       (Wehnimer's, Land's End Rd.)
CUSTOM1         (Town Square, East)

Once a destination is chosen, use URCHIN GUIDE [destination] to travel.


>urchin guide pawn
You flag down a nearby urchin and indicate your desired destination. The urchin nods to you and rapidly guides you through a series of back alleys, side streets, and little-used shortcuts until you reach your destination in mere seconds.
[Kilron's Pawnshop, Front Room]
This little pawnshop is somewhat cheerier than you would expect, presided over by its well-dressed and well-heeled owner, Kilron. A polished white marble counter is set off by freshly whitewashed walls and a highly varnished wood floor. An antique cabinet on the far wall holds several impressive and equally ancient weapons, some precious trinkets, and several items that you cannot identify, except that they seem to glow in different shades of colored light with different intensities. You also see a slatted wooden case and an oak door.
Obvious exits: out

Custom Places

You may use a GUIDE BOOST or an urchin contract to set up to ten custom urchin destinations. These show up in your Urchin Places listing as CUSTOM1 through CUSTOM10. Valid target rooms must support teleportation as well as be considered in town, near town, or a festival. URCHIN STATUS will say if an urchin may be called to a certain room.

Urchin Movement Messaging

You may save up to 9 movement messages to switch between using URCHIN MESSAGING. This will replace the default urchin messaging.

>urchin messaging
You do not have access to any urchin guide messaging except for the default.

>urchin messaging
You have access to the following urchin guide messages:
0.  Default:       You flag down a nearby urchin and indicate your desired destination.  The urchin nods to you and rapidly guides you through a series of back alleys, side streets, and little-used shortcuts until you reach your destination in mere seconds.
8.  Ash:           You go off in search of your destination, leaving a rapidly dispersing cloud of dust and ash in your wake.
9.  Bloom:         A bloom of wildflowers springs forth from nothing as you contemplate your path, showing you the way to your destination.  The flowers die back as you pass.
12. Observant:     You inventory your needs and make a decision about your next steps.  Taking care not to leave anything important behind, you make your way to your destination.
Your current selection is: ash
To change the messaging, URCHIN MESSAGING SET {#} to your desired messaging by number.

>urchin messaging set 9
Setting your urchin movement messaging to the bloom option.

Options available during Rumor Woods starting in 2024 can be seen here: Summit Academy/urchin guide movement messaging options‎


As a rare service, you may have the opportunity to create a unique Urchin Movement Messaging restricted to you. Messaging includes:

  • First Person leaving a room and travelling to a destination
  • First Person leading a group out of a room and travelling to a destination
  • Group member being led out of the room to a destination
  • Third Person Departure Messaging for a single person
  • Third Person Departure Messaging for a group
  • Third Person Arrival Messaging for a single person
  • Third Person Arrival Messaging for a group

Because valid rooms can be inside, outside, upstairs, underground, etc., the messaging cannot reference any specific environs. You cannot mention the sky or the ground. Messaging cannot be restricted to a particular town. You cannot use any transportation such as a wagon. You may move in an ambulatory manner or a magical manner.

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