Veta Villaune

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Veta Villaune was the wife of Emperor Baeronnar Chandrennin of the Turamzzyrian Empire and mother of Baeronnar II. She is best known, however, for the assassination of Emperor Toscus in 4622 while she was still a palace guard.

Veta was the third daughter of the Baron of Oire and was referred to in some sources as the "black sheep" of the family. She was a zealous believer in imperial sovereignty and, like many people from Oire, valued action over words. When it was discovered that Emperor Toscus had secretly communicated with the elven House of Nalfein after the First Elven War, she took it upon herself to assassinate Toscus for this betrayal.

Toscus's successor Baeronnar was so impressed that he married Veta shortly after taking the throne. Their relationship has been described as "complicated" and "stormy" due to their strong personalities. They had two children, Prince Baeronnar (later Emperor Baeronnar II) and Princess Velinda.