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Wands are long and thin rods, typically made of wood, bone, or metal, that hold magical spells. They are commonly found as treasure, and can also be crafted with alchemy. There are also blank wands which hold no spell, but can have one imbedded into them with Magic Item Creation (420).


To activate a wand, use the WAVE command: "WAVE MY {wand} AT {target}". This can be used in conjunction with the TARGET verb. If a target has been specified, then "WAVE MY WAND" will cast the spell on the assigned target. The chance of a successful activation depends on the user's skill in Magic Item Use and other factors.

Wands created with Magic Item Creation (420) may optionally use RAISE instead of WAVE.

Each wand can be activated for a certain number of charges before the magic is exhausted. Some types of wands will crumble and be destroyed when this happens.

For the activation success formula, see Magic Item Use#Calculating Success

List of wands

C: Crumbly
T: Can be found as treasure
A: Can be crafted with alchemy

Wand Spell Name Spell Number C T A
oaken wand Stun Relief 108 X X X
polished bloodwood wand Blood Burst 701 X X X
twisted wand Mana Disruption 702 X X X
smooth bone wand Disintegrate 705 X X X
clear glass wand Mind Jolt 706 X X X
pale thanot wand Limb Disruption 708 X X
iron wand Minor Shock 901 X X
silver wand Minor Shock 901 X
aquamarine wand Minor Water 903 X X
golden wand Minor Fire 906 X X
metal wand Major Cold 907 X
green coral wand Minor Steam 1707 X X
smooth amber wand Mystic Impedance 1708 X X
slender blue wand Minor Cold 1709 X X
crystal wand Major Acid 1710 X X
lustrous beryl wand Unbalance 110 X X
grooved ebony wand Fire Spirit 111 X X
spiraled willow wand Holy Bolt 306 X X
grooved witchwood wand Elemental Blast 409 X X
wavy grey crystal wand Weapon Deflection 412 X X
shadowy dark crystal wand Elemental Saturation 413 X X
clear prismatic wand‎ Chromatic Circle 502 X X
spiraled sapphire wand Hand of Tonis 505 X X
faceted topaz wand Hurl Boulder 510 X X
gnarled yew wand Corrupt Essence 703 X X
iridescent opal wand Minor Water 903 X X
smooth crystalline wand Minor Acid 904 X X
slender azure rod Major Cold 907 X X
slender crimson rod Major Fire 908 X X
slender mithril wand Major Shock 910 X X
slender ivory wand Bone Shatter 1106 X X
sleek alabaster wand Empathy 1108 X X
faceted amethyst wand Empathic Assault 1110 X X

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