Warewic, Warewic, and Mastil

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Warewic, Warewic, and Mastil is a food shop in Zul Logoth. It can be found in the Crystalline Cavern to the west of the town node through a blue painted door.

[Warewic, Warewic, and Mastil]
Behind the clear crystal of the granite counter is an assortment of prepared meats and other delectables. Smoked, broiled, baked and even raw steaks from a dozen or more animals decorate the shop. In the middle of the rear wall, a rhimar door seals off the cold storage area. The counter itself is made from two great slabs of granite separated by a clear sheet of crystal. The floor is freshly scrubbed, though a line of brown stains runs from the front door, behind the counter to the rhimar door. You also see a blue painted door and a carved granite sign.


Welcome to Warewic, Warewic, and Mastil!

A pudgy shopkeeper offers his catalog to browse.
A pudgy shopkeeper exclaims, "Greetings stranger, have a look around!"

  1. a strip of tender roa'ter steak   6. a crunchy fried lizard tail
  2. a barbecued rolton rib            7. a beer-battered steamed snail
  3. a sweet steamed scorpion claw     8. a thick rolton steak sandwich
  4. some spicy wild gak jerky         9. a steak and mushroom kabob
  5. a roasted cockatrice drumstick