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A node is a location where mana flows more freely than most other locations, which has numerous effects. A node increases experience absorption, mana regeneration, and spirit regeneration, and it has effects on various other factors in GemStone IV, such as the chance of enchanting an item. Nodes are not common locations. A common method used to find a node is the use of the MEDITATE verb, which (it is widely believed) will not cause a character to kneel and meditate should the area not be a node; however, this is actually inaccurate as MEDITATE also works in non-node areas under a sanctuary effect.

Gathering Points

A town's central gathering point for adventurers is usually a node; in some towns, due to high traffic or custom, multiple gathering points are in use. These include but are not limited to:

Town Type of Node Room
Cysaegir Linsandrych Common (with bench)
Icemule Trace Town Center
Icemule Trace Tavern Burrow, Ale Street (well)
Icemule Trace Commerce Burrow, Giantman Path
Icemule Trace Honeybeer Inn, Tap Room
Icemule Trace Thirsty Penguin, Parlour
Icemule Trace Clovertooth Hall, Main Lobby
Icemule Trace Voln Ice Garden
Icemule Trace Temple Burrow, Cholen Lane (Schoolhouse)
Miscellaneous Cavern of the Ages (ledge room)
Mist Harbor Node Courtyard of Mist Harbor Library
Mist Harbor Supernode Fountain on Seathrak Way
Mist Harbor Supernode Gardenia Commons
Mist Harbor Supernode Stumbling Pebble Bar II
Mist Harbor Supernode Western Harbor (locksmith pool)
Pinefar Trading Post, Greatroom
Ravelin Wyvern Plaza
River's Rest Town Commons
River's Rest Sanctuary
Solhaven North Market
Solhaven Liabo Plaza
Solhaven Marshtown
Solhaven Beacon Tower
Solhaven South Market
Sylvarraend Town Commons (with barrel)
Ta'Illistim Hanging Dais
Ta'Illistim Glamesine Var (fountain room)
Ta'Illistim Glamesine Var (small garden park)
Ta'Illistim Briarstone Court, SW
Ta'Illistim Briarstone Court, W
Ta'Illistim Briarstone Court, NW
Ta'Illistim Moonglae Inn, Rooftop Park (northernmost)
Ta'Illistim Shimmarglin Inn, Fountain Room
Ta'Illistim Veythorne Manor, The Glowbark
Ta'Vaalor Amaranth Court (between gemshop and furrier)
Ta'Vaalor Amaranth Court (obelisk)
Ta'Vaalor Garden of Ancients (small bench)
Ta'Vaalor Tyrnian Court (bench)
Ta'Vaalor Tyrnian Court (Kai statue)
Teras Isle Ghorsa Isle, Tower
Teras Isle Dragonspine and Krodera
Teras Isle Adventurer's Rest, Deck
Teras Isle Lunatic Asylum
Wehnimer's Landing Raging Thrak, Trophy Room
Wehnimer's Landing Wayside Inn, Garret
Wehnimer's Landing Landing Tower East
Wehnimer's Landing Helga's Pub Room
Wehnimer's Landing Frith's Inn, Main Saloon
Wehnimer's Landing Frith's Inn, Front Desk
Wehnimer's Landing Town Square Central
Wehnimer's Landing Garden Niche
Wehnimer's Landing Small Park
Wehnimer's Landing Voln Courtyard
Wehnimer's Landing Hearthstone, Foyer
Wehnimer's Landing Hearthstone, Courtyard
Wehnimer's Landing Hearth Room, Stone Baths
Zul Logoth Supernode Crystalline Cavern, Monument
Zul Logoth Supernode Zul Logoth, Emerald Tunnel (Locksmith Pool)
Zul Logoth Node Bawdy Bard Inn, Front Desk
Zul Logoth Node Bawdy Bard Inn, Tavern
Zul Logoth Supernode Room of Last Rites
Zul Logoth Node Bluerock Brewery, Tap Room
Zul Logoth Node Hall of Clans, Center
Zul Logoth Node Tregg's Tavern (Khazar's Hold)
Zul Logoth Node Cindek's Spirits (Zhindel's Post)
Zul Logoth Supernode Solano Hall, Night Sky Landing (Premium)

Other Nodes

Most CHE "clubhouses" contain one common gathering room which is a node. Most CHE locker annexes in other cities, if not all, are also nodes. Other nodes can be found scattered about Elanthia, usually inside towns.

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