Wehnimer's Landing 5118 Election Interviews with Leafiara

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Leafiara Autumnwind
Towncrier interview logo.png
Leafiara Autumnwind
Landing Town Hall Host of the TownCrier
Race Half-elf
Profession Cleric
Affiliation(s) TownCrier

By Irar, TownCrier Correspondent
1 Charlatos 5118 // March 1, 2018 - in Wehnimer's Landing


Miss Leafiara was generous in granting an interview with TownCrier Irar, discussing her campaign for mayor in the 5118 Wenhimer's Landing Mayoral Elections.


[Pink Thrak Table] Several heavy notches line the edges of this table. You wonder briefly what was being tallied, and by whom. In the center of the table is a painting of a pink thrak sniffing a daisy. Also here: Maiden Leafiara who is sitting Obvious exits: out

You say, "I'd just like to say, thank you on behalf of the TownCrier for agreeing to this interview."

You smile.

Leafiara amicably says, "It's a pleasure."

Leafiara nods to you.

You nod.

You say, "I'll keep it brief to spare you energy for what promises to be a lively campaign, but do tell me if there's anything you think I missed."

Leafiara nods understandingly to you.

Leafiara muses, "Even if you do miss anything, I'm sure one of the many debates coming up will cover it..."

You nod.

Leafiara pleasantly says, "But please do go on."

Leafiara nods to you.

You say, "I've tried to leave some room for that."

Leafiara nods understandingly to you.

You say, "And in full disclosure, I've already interviewed Lady Lylia. You'll both be asked largely the same questions."

You say, "It's the way I like to do things, I feel it's more fair that way."

You ask, "Is that alright with you?"

Leafiara lightly says, "Of course. I can hardly see why it wouldn't be."

Leafiara gives you a strong, encouraging smile.

You nod.

You say, "Well then, let's start from well..."

You exclaim, "The start!"

You grin.

Leafiara leans forward and rests her chin in her hand, a thoughtful expression on her face.

You ask, "First, what prompted you to enter the race for mayor?"

Leafiara lightly says, "Oh, a good question... it's similar to what prompted me to host the Town Halls."

You nod at Leafiara.

Leafiara explains, "Out here on the frontier, where we thankfully don't have many of the unnecessary rules and discrimination seen in places like the Empire and the Elven Nations, everyone's voices are welcome--we truly want to hear out every perspective. We believe we're stronger for it."

You nod.

Leafiara continues, "As great as the Town Halls have been and will continue to be, we can only host them once a week and I know that there are even more valuable perspectives out there not yet being voiced--because of time, scheduling, or even because a person is too shy to say anything publicly. I'm sure that Mayor Crux gets to hear more perspectives than I do, and I'd like to hear them as well."

Leafiara rubs her chin thoughtfully.

Leafiara muses, "Marginalized groups... I guess if I could put it into two words, those would be it. I want to reach out to them. I want the Landing to grow stronger together."

You ask, "So, gain more perspective and hear from more folks that maybe we don't hear from too often? Bring some unity from that?"

Leafiara agrees, "Exactly that."

Leafiara adds, "And..."

Leafiara seriously says, "I know it might sound sort of idealistic, but I think there's also room to work together--not just hearing from them, not even just acting on their concerns, but bringing they themselves into the fold to join in improving and defending our town."

You nod at Leafiara.

Leafiara concludes, "There's no one too small to help. No one."

Leafiara nods to you.

You ask, "I'm curious about these marginalized groups, could you give a brief example before we move on?"

Leafiara begins, "Two examples..."

Leafiara adds, "One personal, one less personal."

You nod.

Leafiara explains, "The personal one comes from my friend Khylynnia--and she's only one person, of course, but she does reflect many. She keeps early hours and feels like she hasn't been able to contribute to the Landing as much as she'd like. After all, most of our enemies invade us or attack us under cover of night--a smart move on their part--and even our allies speak with us at night, after they're finished with their own business during the day."

You nod understandingly at Leafiara.

Leafiara opines, "We're a town that accepts those who walk both 'light' and 'dark' paths, so I'd like to bring in those who are awake during the day, along with those of us awake during the night."

You nod.

Leafiara adds, "Well, not that being awake during the day or night means a person is on a light or dark path, of course--it's just a metaphor."

Leafiara flashes a quick grin.

You smile.

You say, "Understandable."

Leafiara clarifies, "Or maybe more a comparison than a metaphor."

Leafiara continues, "Now for my less personal example... here in the Landing, at our Town Hall meetings we ask that our audience voice their questions aloud in front of everyone, but that can be intimidating. I've had a couple of people tell me that they don't want to ask in a setting like that."

Leafiara simply says, "So for those who have a little anxiety in a crowd, it would be good if they could write to me--or Lylia, of course, if she's our next mayor--or ask for more private meetings."

Leafiara lightly acknowledges, "You have to admit, after all, that discussion can be pretty chaotic here--for better -and- worse."

Leafiara grins at you.

You nod.

You say, "Or you could just force people give their opinions. I don't know who would do that sort of thing, though."

Leafiara furrows her brow.

You whistle tunelessly to yourself, remembering days past.

You grin.

You say, "A Conclave, so to speak."

Leafiara lightly says, "Oh, even at your conclave they still had the option to decline, I'm sure."

You snicker to yourself.

Leafiara grins at you.

You chuckle.

Leafiara looks thoughtfully at you.

You nod.

Leafiara adds, "I hope, anyway."

You say, "Moving on."

Leafiara snickers.

Leafiara nods to you.

You ask, "There are only two candidates this time around you and Lylia. How do you anticipate this might affect the campaign dynamics?"

Leafiara replies, "I'd approach my campaign the same way even if there were more candidates, if that's what you mean. Though having only two candidates might make this more cordial, since as far as I know I don't disagree with Lady Lylia on very much."

Leafiara rubs her chin thoughtfully.

Leafiara adds, "I don't think it's the number of candidates, anyway, but more about who they are and what they're proposing. I could imagine a very friendly election year with five candidates or a very nasty one with only two. It all depends."

Leafiara mentions, "Like Lady Lylia said one night, though, I do hope we'll be able to go in depth with questions in the debates... there should be more time for it with only the two of us."

You nod.

Leafiara speculatively says, "Maybe that's when we'll see our differences come out."

Leafiara nods.

Leafiara clarifies, "Differences in policy, anyway. Differences in personality are clear enough already."

Leafiara flashes a quick grin.

You ask, "Do you see any way that your friendship might complicate campaigning? Will you feel obligated to "go easy" on Lylia during debates?"

Leafiara simply says, "I'll go as easy as her policies deserve, and considering it's her I do expect that will be pretty easy--but it's not because of friendship. It's because she's a wise and remarkable person, so I have no reason to think she'll propose anything outrageous."

You nod.

Leafiara mentions, "It was the same with Crux last year, who's an even closer friend. And, like I expected, he came across well with strong positions."

Leafiara leans back in her chair, balancing herself on two legs for a few moments, then sets the chair back down on all four legs.

You ask, "Speaking of policies, what sort of platform are you running on? Have a campaign slogan for us yet?"

You smile.

You chuckle.

You nod at Leafiara.

Leafiara answers, "Well, what I said before about embracing our diversity is my foundation, but it's not only about hearing others' ideas--I'd like to work on finding new ways to celebrate our diversity by selling cultural goods, or holding fundraisers to establish more seating areas in some of our local restaurants so people can have a bite to eat while they talk."

You nod.

Leafiara mentions, "Even here at the Raging Thrak Inn they don't serve food to our tables, for example--and as much as I enjoy the ambience at the Abandoned Inn, they're a little out of the way."

Leafiara says, "As for a slogan..."

Leafiara says, "My campaign team and I are still finalizing two of the slogans, but I'll mention one now..."

Leafiara says, "Team LEAFI: Lively, Eclectic, Adventurous, Free, Inspiring."

You chuckle.

You smile.

You nod.

Leafiara blithely says, "Those are the ideals of the Landing--and my own ideals also. To live freely in this inclusive, independent town--despite the dangers and threats, despite the chaos and the long debates we have even when it -isn't- campaign season, we thrive because of it all."

Leafiara grins at you.

You say, "Interesting. Moving on to a few more of the specifics of your campaign..."

Leafiara nods to you.

You ask, "What do you anticipate will be the greatest challenge for you during your campaign? Any difficulties that might be unique for you personally?"

Leafiara thoughtfully says, "Mm... a good question. Two things come to mind."

Leafiara explains, "One is that I can't explain the details of one of my most important goals openly because it relates to our security. I'll just say that some of the things Rone has uncovered are very unsettling, like two different rings of trafficking in slaves. Opinions of Rone aside, we can do so much more to protect our citizens."

You squint.

You nod.

Leafiara adds, "I don't intend to deputize everyone as vigilantes or some crazy thing like that--but we need better intel."

Leafiara vaguely comments, "There's a reason we have so many Rook sympathizers in our town. They've made a lot of misguided attacks, but they -are- pretty good at discovering secrets that many wouldn't be able to."

Leafiara admits, "I'll have to let people infer whatever they want from what I'm saying here--since I can't disclose a security plan publicly. And I'm sure many won't trust me on that, but..."

Leafiara waves her hand in a dismissive gesture.

Leafiara acknowledges, "It is what it is. Any completely open plan for our safety is bound to fail."

Leafiara simply says, "The other challenge, of course, is that Lady Lylia is an exceptional person--there's no sense in denying that. Many people have already told me it's a difficult decision for them, and I'm sure that's true for many more."

You nod understandingly.

Leafiara abruptly adds, "Oh, and before I forget, I of course will work with the militia on anything related to our security. Shinann and I didn't get off to the best of starts, mostly my own fault, but I believe we're in a good place now, and likewise with Stormy. Except no bad start."

Leafiara grins at you.

You say, "Trust and discretion sound like they'll be crucial for you. I imagine you'll need some capable folks around you."

Leafiara nods in agreement to you.

You ask, "What about your staff? Have you named a campaign advisor? Are there any others who will be helping you as a candidate?"

Leafiara clarifies, "Do you mean only my campaign staff or staff who would surround me if I'm elected?"

Leafiara looks thoughtfully at you.

You say, "Well, I mainly meant campaign staff."

Leafiara nods to you.

You say, "But you're free to tell me about your advisors after election, if you'd like."

You shrug.

You say, "As much as you'd like to tell me."

You grin.

Leafiara answers, "I approached Khylynnia, Soliere, and Pukk as my earliest supporters and they'll be helping with getting the word out--and Khy is also helping with slogans. Vrom is my campaign manager and a great example of what I mean about uniting our night owls and our more morning-loving citizens, since he keeps different hours from most of who people would think of as the Landing's dedicated defenders."

You nod.

Leafiara fondly acknowledges, "All four of them are mischief makers or hooligans, I'll openly admit it... but that's the Landing. I embrace it. I always have."

Leafiara flashes a wide grin.

You chuckle.

Leafiara ponders.

Leafiara mentions, "A certain high-ranking member of a Great House also told me she'd recommend me within her House--but she told me privately, so I don't know if I'm at liberty to say."

Leafiara lightly says, "And win or lose, I truly appreciate everyone's support along the way."

You nod.

You say, "My last question was one I put to Lylia, so I feel in fairness I should ask you as well."

Leafiara nods to you.

You say, "Although we have touched on it already a bit..."

You ponder.

Leafiara pleasantly says, "Of course, please do ask."

You say, "Is there anything you can tell me about the position you'll take on "Rone"? I understand there's much you can't now that you've expressed a need for secrecy."

Leafiara reminds, "Before I even answer that, let me assure you there's no guarantee that we won't have caught him before the campaign season is over. Everyone is working and planning very hard to take him into custody."

You nod.

You say, "Of course."

Leafiara adds, "But for the sake of the argument, yes, let's say we don't..."

Leafiara frankly says, "From my understanding, the mayor can make recommendations to the militia or the town council but can't make decisions on their behalf. So the position I take only matters so much."

You nod.

Leafiara seriously says, "But, speaking personally, I'd like to change the bounty to only taking him alive. He is, at least -probably-, still one of our citizens and I don't like the thought of killing him without a trial--same as our ongoing dilemma with the Rooks."

Leafiara bluntly continues, "And even more importantly, I'd like the chance to study what he does. How does his mist work? How has he been getting his intel--or -does- he have any intel?"

Leafiara confides, "Honestly, I think the worst case scenario is that he's been killing indiscriminately and it's just coincidence that half the loresongs we hear about the corpses he leaves behind reveal something as horrible as a slaver or murderer."

Leafiara states, "But I don't think that's it. I think he knows things, even if some of his attacks have been over the top compared to the crimes--and we need to find out how. We need to understand."

You nod.

You ask, "Before we wrap up, is there anything you'd like to add, something we haven't covered that you'd like to get out there?"

Leafiara rubs her chin thoughtfully.

Leafiara begins, "When the town clerk first announced us as the two candidates, I told Lady Lylia may the best of us win..."

You nod.

Leafiara thoughtfully says, "But in some ways I think that whoever wins is the best by definition--partly because that's who the people chose, but mostly because that's who the people will listen to."

You smile.

Leafiara concludes, "If I win, I'll still highly value Lady Lylia and her thoughts every time she'd like to offer them. And if she wins, I hope the same will be true--because I do love the Landing and I will be there, no matter the outcome."

Leafiara smiles at you.

You nod.

You say, "I'd just like to thank you so much for your patience, and your thorough responses."

Leafiara grins at you.

You say, "I think that's about all I have."

You exclaim, "Oh!"

Leafiara lightly says, "Well... I've had a year to think about most of them."

Leafiara laughs softly, trying to hide her amusement.

Speaking suddenly to you, Leafiara asks, "Hm?"

You say, "No, wait! I have one more."

You blush a nice shade of rosy pink.

You say, "Sorry."

Leafiara flashes a quick grin at you.

You exclaim, "Just one more!"

Leafiara nods understandingly to you.

You say, "But this is serious."

Leafiara nods once to you.

You say, "The most critical question I will ask, and I'd stress it's important you answer thoughtfully and thoroughly."

You stare at Leafiara.

Leafiara nods to you.

Leafiara folds her arms over her chest.

Speaking to Leafiara, you ask, "Do you like all Deacons of Koar, or just some in particular?"

You cackle!

You shake your head.

You wave your hand in a dismissive gesture.

Speaking lightly to you, Leafiara replies, "I've only ever met one and he's quite the amusing roa'ter lover."

Leafiara starts chortling.

You say, "I kid. It's in all my interviews."

Leafiara grins at you.

You say, "I always seem to get the same answer. Bunch of charmers, you mayors and mayor-hopefuls."

You chuckle to yourself.

Leafiara coyly teases, "It's all part of the act."

Leafiara raises her voice in merry laughter.

You say, "Thank you, Miss Leafiara. I wish you the best in your campaign."

Leafiara winks.

Leafiara gives you a strong, encouraging smile.

You say, "And I'd invite you to please let us know if you have any announcements to make."

You say, "And I do hope you'll be amenable to follow-ups as the campaign progresses."

Speaking politely to you, Leafiara says, "Thank you as well. As ever, may the TownCrier spread the news far and wide."

You nod at Leafiara.

Speaking amicably to you, Leafiara says, "Of course."

Leafiara adds, "On both counts."

You scoot your chair back and stand up.

Leafiara scoots her chair back and stands up.

Leafiara curtsies gracefully to you.

You say, "Very well, I'll cut you loose."

You receive a firm handshake from Leafiara.

You give Leafiara a friendly hug, stirring the scent of sugar and chocolate from her skin.

Leafiara gives you a friendly hug.

You exclaim, "I'll see you later! Off to the presses!"

Leafiara mimes raising a glass and gives a toast to your health.

You mime raising a glass and give a toast to Leafiara's health.

You wave.

Leafiara warmly agrees, "See you soon enough, I'm sure."

Leafiara waves.