Wehnimer's Museum Gift Shop

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Wehnimer's Museum Gift Shop is the specialty shop in Wehnimer's Landing. It is located on the second floor of the Wehnimer's Museum in the fine arts wing. The shop does not operate on the ORDER system.

[Wehnimer's Museum, Gift Shop] RNUM: 19953
Tall potted plants made of jade green silk rest in the corners of this quiet room. Thick, dull gold carpeting muffles any footsteps of patrons perusing the items for sale that rest on numerous displays. A glass-fronted oak cabinet rests against the wall opposite a long marble-topped counter, behind which stands a portly man in a woolen vest. A stained golden oak door is centered between two additional potted plants, their vivid green silk leaves accenting the pale ivory hue of the walls. You also see a brown-haired portly human clerk.


On the long marble-topped counter you see:

a jeweled ebonwood music box Weight: <1 pound
Pocketed: Fairly small (8-11)
any number of items of very small size


Try as you might, you cannot get a good sense of whether or not the box's pockets could get any deeper, but you can tell that the box is as light as it can get.
a spherical clear glass snowglobe Weight: <1 pound 100000

In the glass-fronted oak cabinet you see:

a shaggy toy mutt Weight: <1 pound 5000
a tiny toy kitten Weight: <1 pound 5000
a crystal dirigible figurine Weight: <1 pound 25000
a delicate crystal scholar figurine Weight: <1 pound 25000
a solid crystal museum figurine Weight: <1 pound 25000
a plush Rone Wehnimer doll Weight: <1 pound 5000
a grizzled old warrior doll Weight: <1 pound 5000
a pretty flower girl doll Weight: <1 pound 5000
a fragile crystal krolvin figurine Weight: <1 pound 25000
a small crystal otter figurine Weight: <1 pound 25000