Wehnimer's runner

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The Wehnimer's runner is an NPC that delivers messages for a living in Wehnimer's Landing. Her job is the same as that performed by new adventurers asking the town clerk for work.


>look runner
You see a typical member of the minor Guild known as Runners.  She is a tall and long-legged half-elf dressed in hunter green tights.  A short, well-fitted jerkin of soft leather dyed a rich brown covers her torso.  A leather pouch tucked in at her hip is used to carry messages here and there about town.  Her light blonde hair is pulled back and tied to keep it from her face and there is a faint sheen of sweat from her exertions.


>ask runner about work
The runner stops a moment and looks you over, "I think you're a bit too experienced for this sort of work.  The boss doesn't pay that much and prefers folk just starting out." she says.

>ask runner about work
The runner frowns at you, "You just asked me about that a while ago, don't you remember?  I'd love to chat some more but I really am busy."

>ask runner about girl
The Wehnimer's runner pauses a moment and says, "I don't much care for the flower girl and her fanciful attitude, but she seems good at what she does.  To each her own, I guess."

>ask runner about life
The Wehnimer's runner stops a moment and says, "I grew up here in Wehnimer's, over in Shanty Town, though I've since moved to the West Bank.  Life rewards those who work hard."

>ask runner about death
The Wehnimer's runner stares at you in horror!

>ask runner about dislikes
The Wehnimer's runner covers her message pouch protectively and says in a stern tone, "I don't like people who steal and cheat.  Those who make easy money, like the flower girl, they're usually up to no good."

>ask runner about silvers
The Wehnimer's runner exclaims, "I've got to feed myself somehow!  The work is hard, but the pay is good."

>ask runner about quest
The runner pauses a moment and says, "Well, I don't really have time for adventures myself.  It's pretty dangerous out in the wilds.  But if you're looking to make some money and you don't mind honest labor, go see the Town Clerk over in Moot Hall.  Sometimes he has more messages than messengers and he might be able to use you.


A Wehnimer's runner just arrived on her way to deliver a message.

Looking very tired, the runner pauses a moment to wipe her forehead with the back of her hand and catch her breath.

You are almost knocked over by a runner as she rushes by you on her way someplace else.

The runner heads north in a determined manner.

Looking at all the people hurrying by, the runner mutters loudly enough for you to overhear her, "It's sure been busy of late, I wish that lazy town clerk would hire some temporary help."  She shrugs to herself and goes off about her business.