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The pretty flower girl is an NPC that wanders around Wehnimer's Landing selling petals that can be used in the Temple of Lorminstra.

She is the niece of Tessie Brinn, and is disliked by the Wehnimer's runner.


>look girl
You see a lovely looking maiden with long brown hair and a pair of sultry brown eyes.  She is holding a finely woven basket that is filled with sweet smelling, white flower petals.  Her ragged, but colorful dress and slightly gaunt appearance give you the impression that she could use a bit of charity.  The delightful smile on her face seems to be meant for you alone.


>ask girl about life
The flower girl says, "My life is humble.  I sell flower petals.  Maybe some day I will find a nice man to settle down with."

>ask girl about death
With a worried look the flower girl says, "I hear the clerics in the great temple of Lorminstra know more about death."

>ask girl about family
The flower girl says, "My mum's name is Trela and my father is Burlen.  I didn't have any siblings, but my aunt, Tessie Brinn, she kept me busy as a child in her shop."

>ask girl about food
The flower girl says, "Perhaps I'll make enough for dinner.  If not, I might have to go see the Town Clerk about a job!"

>ask girl about runner
The flower girl blinks at you and exclaims, "That runner girl, she doesn't like me -- Did you hear she called me a tart?!  My gosh, for having grown up together, I'd think she'd have softened over time.  Maybe she has a grudge against my aunt, Tessie Brinn."
XXX points at the flower girl.
"Not polite to point, you know," she says while she gently pushes XXX's hand down.

The flower girl dodges aside as XXX tries to approach her.

XXX gestures at a pretty flower girl.
As XXX gestures at girl, she disrupts his spellcasting.
>give girl 5 silvers
You offer the flower girl 5 silvers.
The flower girl exclaims, "Surely you can afford a little more for these lovely petals!"

The flower girl smiles sweetly at you.

>give girl 10 silvers
The flower girl smiles, takes your 10 silvers, and places some flower petals in your hand.

>look petals
Like large snow-flakes, these flower petals are brilliantly white and numerous.  They are very fragrant as well, but not overwhelmingly so.

Room Messaging

A flower girl arrives, whistling a merry tune.

The flower girl hums a merry tune, twiddling her fingers idly.

The flower girl smiles and says, "For giving me a few silvers, you can have a whole handful of these petals!"

The flower girl sits down to rest and carefully rearranges her dress.

The girl stands back up.

The flower girl asks, "Care to buy some flower petals?"

The flower girl casts an appraising glance, trying to decide whether or not to approach you.

The flower girl nudges you and whispers, "These are magical flowers!"

The flower girl holds out her basket of flower petals for your inspection.

The flower girl carefully grooms her hair, rearranging the stray tendrils.