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Category: Cities, Towns, and Outposts
Topic: Mist Harbor
Message #: 1924441
Author: GS4-QUILIC
Date: 07/16/2020 06:01 PM
Subject: Windfellow's Insurrection - Teaser Post #1

Hello all!

We are currently 9 days (ish) away from the opening of the Festival, and I have a few tidbits to pass along... and a few more for those who are feeling particularly industrious!

A) - There will be a private property raffled* off at this Festival. This is a pre-existing property (Coral Villa), and the property is currently open to the public for any who wish to peruse the contents. Two VERY important things to note here: 1) There will be a surcharge for the property which must be collected before the winner of the raffle may take possession of the property. This surcharge is IN ADDITION to the cost of the ticket, and will be around 10,000,000 silvers, give or take a bit. 2) This raffle will ONLY BE AVAILABLE to citizens of Mist Harbor. One slightly less critical, but still notable note: Transfer of the property will not be instantaneous, and may take a day or two, as there are things to set up behind the scenes.

B - There will be two new scripts debuting at the Festival from yours truly. One of them will be distributed by Ambie, and she very firmly terms the items in question "Wermth". I'll leave you to decipher that for now. These will not be sold in a shop, but from a cart, and you will need to catch Ambie working in order to obtain or unlock one. Note: Ambie will not be working in any way with "Fishies" at this Festival.

(*It was announced at the OOC meeting that this property would be auctioned off, but those plans have been changed.)

There will be more teasers delivered in the days leading up to the Festival, but for those who would like a bit of advance knowledge, I present the following, with the note that these represent a small fraction of the services being offered. Please remember my love of factions when deciphering these.

Item 1: 20392646058070208807070292

Item 2: 950204469245033020408

Item 3: 06926080292340289205692

Item 4: 0402550292010482066928

(For those working on these, clues will be given in subsequent posts. Have fun!)

~GM Quilic
Subscriptions Team Member
Four Winds Isle/Mist Harbor Storyteller
Ruiner of Things

Category: Cities, Towns, and Outposts
Topic: Mist Harbor
Message #: 2370
Author: GS4-QUILIC
Date: 07/24/2020 12:52 PM CDT
Subject: Wermth!

Debuting at Windfellow's Insurrection, this is an entirely new fluff script that features a wearable snake... with lots of cool stuff built into them.

The analyze:

>anal my rattlesn
You analyze your diamond-backed rattlesnake and sense that the creator has provided the following information:

This is a wearable, poseable snake. When worn, it parks itself in your UNIQUE feature field.

This particular snake currently looks like this:

a slender diamond-backed rattlesnake

The snake's description can be altered by any merchant who feels comfortable doing so. Remember: This must remain a fairly large snake for the messaging to work.

This diamond-backed rattlesnake is fully unlocked to Tier 3. Verbs are: Mumble, Wear, Remove, Rub, Touch, Pose, Dance, Nudge, Prod, Wave, and Lean. Ambients have also been unlocked, and are toggled off and on via the PROD verb.

These snakes are only able to be worn for a limited amount of time before they become too uncomfortable and slither down into your hands. If you remove them manually before that point, you're fine, but if they get to the point of exhaustion, there will be a one hour cooldown while it rests up before it may be worn again.

This diamond-backed rattlesnake may be worn for about 80 minutes before becoming exhausted and entering cooldown mode.

A note about the last line there: The snakes are living things, and are 'forcing' themselves into a pose for you. They can only hold it for so long before they will come unstuck and put themselves into your hands. If your hands are full at that time, you get a message about how the snake is uncomfortable, and time gets added to the cooldown period before it can be worn again. Go AFK with your hands full and you could be faced with a LONG time before your snake can be worn again!

Quick Hit Notes:

  • - The snakes are worn in a unique line, and will not interfere/mess with any other items or Unique feature alterations.
  • - The snakes will be available from a live merchant (Ambie), who will announce when she will be available. There are two unlocks to "fully" unlock a werm, and I will do my best to be around at least three times during the merchanting portion of the festival, in different time slots to give everyone a chance to at least GET one who wants one.
  • - Wermth will cost 100k silvers "Off the Shelf", and unlocks will be 250k silvers each. Total cost for a fully unlocked Werm will be 600k silvers.
  • - Snakes can be altered to virtually any type of snake, with the common sense limitation that it needs to be of a size that the messaging makes sense (a fairly large snake which can still be worn without difficulty).

~GM Quilic
Subscriptions Team Member
Four Winds Isle/Mist Harbor Storyteller
Ruiner of Things