Wharfer's Walls

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Wharfer's Walls is a Premium Home Wall shop in Kharam Dzu. It is located south and southeast from the main entrance in the Teras premium furniture emporium.

[Wharfer's Walls] RNUM: 12446
Walls stand everywhere, great hulking stone partitions next to finely executed brattices that appear to be lighter than parchment. Walls stand next to walls behind other walls. As Menshal Wharfer's advertisement admonishes, if you need a wall, this is the place! You also see Menshal Wharfer.


      Price  Item
1.)  140000  a dark mahogany wall
2.)   50000  a rotted driftwood wall
3.)  300000  a fancifully carved pine wall
4.)  210000  a fine-grained thanot wall
5.)  850000  a sturdy white brick wall
6.)  200000  a sanded haon wall
7.)  250000  a fine dark walnut wall
8.)  150000  a rich pale cedar wall
9.)  300000  a smooth red oak wall
10.) 210000  a finely sanded modwir wall
11.)  80000  a cracked driftwood wall
12.)  85000  a cracked white tanik wall
13.) 120000  a smooth thanot wall
14.) 220000  a lustrous sanded cedar wall
15.) 320000  a shiny black ebonwood wall
16.)  45000  a banded straw wall