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With Delirium Manor opening in Summer 2017, an update was released for the Whax dolls that allowed for various forms of customization with over 500 accessories. Due to the amount of items able to collected, the cases for sale in the gift shop were updated to accommodate the accessories. The analyze will show where each accessory will fit on the doll.

Once an accessory has been put on a doll, it cannot be removed. However, a new item can be put over an unwanted item, causing the unwanted item to be destroyed. Each doll accessory can also be given to one of the wandering NPCs inside of the Manor for two general tickets (they also occasionally get kicked out of the Manor to the free-to-access grounds).

As shown in the analyze below, accessories cannot be altered. Custom doll accessories can be made from existing items using square and rectangular molds of clay.

Accessory by itself

You examine some forest green brigandine.  It is perfectly sized for a doll.

Accessory on the doll

You see a jointed wooden doll that has been glued together.  The doll is completely bald and has two empty sockets for eyes.  It has an empty hole where its nose should be.  It is wearing some forest green brigandine.  It is holding nothing in its right hand and nothing in its left hand.


The creator has also provided the following information:

This is a doll accessory from Delirium Manor!  To use, hold an accessory in your right hand, a (glued/cored) doll in your left hand, and PUSH <accessory>.  Once an accessory is placed on your doll, it can be overwritten with another item of the same accessory type, but not removed.  Only one item is allowed for each area.  This item's type is: CHEST

REGISTER your accessory items individually, as they will not register with the doll.

This forest green brigandine cannot be altered or used as alter fodder.


>push brig
You adorn your wooden doll with some forest green brigandine.

List of Items

All of these items were found via SEARCHing the Manor.


a crown-braided circlet of white hair some shaggy strawberry blonde hair some deep chestnut hair cascading downward in soft ringlets some lustrous strawberry blonde hair flowing downward in a shimmering cascade some shaggy white hair
some curly light brown hair some tightly braided ebon hair some wild chestnut hair some shaggy blonde hair some curly crimson hair
some lightly oiled salt and pepper hair bound in a single five-stranded braid a tonsure of ragged brown hair some curly black hair some frizzy salt and pepper black hair some wild silver hair
some lightly oiled ebon black hair bound in a single three-stranded braid some aubergine red hair cascading downward in a riotous mass of loose curls some pin-straight shiny black hair some pristinely ringleted red hair

In Hair

a lacquered ebonwood barrette a simple witchwood barrette a pair of plain lacquered hairsticks a pair of silver filigree hairsticks a pearl-studded silver-knit snood
a broad hummingbird barrette a beribboned purple silk fascinator a leather-wrapped white hawk feather some polished mother-of-pearl haircombs some seaglass anemone hairjewels
a set of painted bamboo hairsticks a pair of leaf-accented hairsticks a twisted and browning grass hairtie a twisted ivory and ebon silk hairtie a smooth onyx headband
a narrow shell-encrusted headband a plethora of glossy hairbeads several emerald leaf hairclips some snowflake-painted haircombs a frayed cotton hairtie
an oiled leather riding jacket a flower-spotted silk headband


a feathered headdress a diamond-studded gauzy ebon veil a silver-pinned bright white wimple a feathered wool cap a dragon-faced eahnor helm
a crimson-banded leather tricorne an agate-inlaid silver filigree ferroniere lapis and rolaren tiara an off-center pristine white chef's hat a thick grey wool cap
a frilled bright pink bonnet a red tartan cap a visored metal greathelm a silk-wrapped conical hennin a voluminous ebon cotton hood
a coin-fringed silken kerchief a dusty white turban an elaborate gold crown a black silk bow a silver-winged gold helm
a pink silk headscarf


some glowing viridian eyes some striated cornflower blue eyes some wide blue eyes some long-lashed violet eyes some vibrant bright blue eyes
some beady black eyes some glowing yellow eyes some glowing red eyes some yellow-haloed inky black eyes some gold-flecked forest green eyes
some long-lashed amber eyes some mismatched blue and green eyes some sun-streaked hazel green eyes some wide chocolate brown eyes some wide hazel eyes
some violet-haloed dark blue eyes some glassy silver-sheened eyes some silver-haloed sea blue eyes some green-flecked agate blue eyes some vacant milky white eyes


some slender ears some floppy-tipped ears some uneven ears some prominently veined ears some mole-speckled ears
some petite ears some plump and floppy ears some low-set ears some elongated ears some deeply folded ears
some diminutive ears some freckled ears some monstrously wide ears some narrow-tipped ears some scar-notched ears
some thick-lobed ears some unremarkable ears some widely ridged ears some droopy-lobed ears


a solid gold earcuff an amber stick bug earcuff a pair of sterling silver earrings a pair of sapphire teardrop earrings a pair of monkeyfist earbobs
a pair of tri-tiered chandelier earrings a tarnished fishing hook earring a steel earcuff fashioned into clutching claws a series of onyx and silver hoops a delicate pair of black pearl earbobs
a coiled eahnor dragon earcuff some delicate rose-shaped earrings a pair of diamond stud earrings a small silver hoop a thin porcupine quill spike
a pair of simple steel hoops some pink pearl earbobs a pair of dangling butterfly earrings a steel earcuff fashioned into clutching claws a pair of sea urchin ear spikes
a rainbow-splashed glaes earcuff a crimson-enameled steel ear-spike some dangling parrot feather earrings


a wide-nostriled nose a squat nose a bulbous nose a tiny nose pierced with a diamond stud an equine nose
a wavy nose an aristocratic nose a slender nose a bright red nose a broken nose
a button nose a classical nose a concave nose a sloping nose a wide nose
a wart-ridden nose a bulbous nose adorned with a bone toggle a veiny bulbous nose a swollen nose a curved nose
a wide and flat nose a delicate nose pierced with an elegant silver hoop


a rainbow-painted bauble a cord-strung faceless silver coin a cord-strung red glass ampoule some white-veined rose quartz beads a simple necklace of alternating black and white pearls
a silk-strung lapis lazuli dagger symbol a filigreed portrait locket a little round mirror a filigree-ringed ivory cameo a choker fashioned of multiple threadbare cords
a twine-strung bright silver coin a leaf-twined leather collar a griffon-faced eahnor medallion a narrow herringbone necklace an emerald-inset pendant
a silver-strung frosted glass orb a spherical flawless glass orb a threadbare off-white wool scarf a leaf-etched steel aventail a simple blue sapphire pendant


a silk-lined silver chainmail satchel a doll-sized corpulent red-eyed white rat a doll-sized flea-bitten dirty white rat a flowing white cape a doll-sized sleek brown silver-collared chinchilla
a tattered and dingy yellow robe a voluminous black silk robe an oiled leather riding jacket a black spidersilk cloak a supple embroidered kidskin jacket
a doll-sized black rapture cloak a dark hunter green lady's surcoat worn over layered copper linen shifts a long-straped white doily purse a short crimson-lined capelet a voluminous black stalking cloak
an emerald green greatcloak an exposed-stitched leather jacket a feather-edged crimson mantle a hooded mantle of silver heron feathers a fur-lined slate blue parka
a crushed velvet blue pelisse a gauzy violet chiffon wrap a snowflake-patterned sky blue wrap a fur-lined weathered suede cape a doll-sized mangy black sewer rat
a symbol-edged dusty brown burnoose a threadbare brown cotton dress a knitted red and yellow shawl


a serpent-faced wooden shield a demon-faced rolaren pauldron with ruby eyes a square sinew-laced mussette a bone-adorned steel pauldron a knotted grey suede weapon harness
a suede-wrapped blue instrument case a rainbow-hued cotton satchel a fur-lined bright red instrument case a brass and leather sword frog a large iron keyring dangling skeleton keys
a leather-strapped rosewood lute a frumpy brown canvas mussette a skeletal rolaren pauldron a dragon-faced eahnor pauldron some iron-studded copper spaulders
a lion-faced gold and platinum pauldron a silver-studded black leather baldric a yawning troll-faced iron pauldron a mirrored platinum rondel a bone-adorned steel pauldron
a stained pig skin wineskin


a wide leather backpack an dark leather backpack a bright red cotton backpack painted with white circles a metal-sided sturdy wool haversack a pair of crossed backsheaths
a suede-strapped canvas backpack a fancy ribbon-tied silk backpack a woven wicker back-basket an iron mesh backpack a multi-pocketed large turquoise backpack
a single large black backsheath an olive green haversack a black silver-buckled knapsack a bamboo-framed stone grey rucksack a dark green and gold rucksack
a linen-lined river reed back-basket a sturdy hiking pack a wide rectangular leather backpack


some forest green brigandine an emerald satin bodice a simple ebon cotton shift a fitted crushed velvet vest a blousy sky blue tunic
a flame-sleeved scarlet spidersilk cotehardie an ankle-length niveous gown with tapered sleeves a gold-threaded bright white chasuble some tattered white robes a long-sleeved grey cotton blouse
a silver and gold satin gown a set of golvern plate some studded vultite brigandine a taupe silk shirt a deep green lamb's wool kirtle
a suit of gleaming mithril armor a tawny brown linen bliaut with cinnamon-banded funnel sleeves a quilted dirty cotton gambeson a suit of mithglin hauberk a well-tailored black satin jacket
a threadbare mouse brown cassock a quilted dirty cotton gambeson a high-collared dark cotton shirt a golden mithril cuirass a gleaming suit of polished platemail
a kerchief-sleeved russet bodice


a copper and amber sheaf of wheat pin some silver-bound glasses an agate-studded green frog brooch a silver-leafed lapis lazuli rose pin a carved amber wren brooch
a filigree-laced polished white pearl pin a silver-bound Adventurer's Guild badge a rat pelt-bound Adventurer's Guild badge a bronze-embellished Adventurer's Guild badge a sapphire and pearl brooch
a sword-pierced pennacular brooch an ebon and ivory ouroboros brooch a green-eyed azure peacock feather pin a filigree-painted pearly white mask pin an obsidian tower pin
a grinning yellow topaz goblin pin an adventurine-winged silver dragonfly pin a round polychromatic trinket an amethyst-inlaid hummingbird brooch a lapis-inlaid silver mermaid pin
a carved wooden turtle pin a silver-veined copper quill pin a silver padlock pin a gem-encrusted rolaren eyemask pin


a wing-edged eahnor vambrace some matching lion-crested vambraces a pair of ironwood-slated arm greaves a suede-wrapped forest green bracer some studded leather arm guards
some leather arm greaves a leather archer's bracer a pair of gryphon-crested arm greaves some drakar-studded rolaren arm greaves a pair of ironwood-slatted arm greaves
some ornate eahnor arm greaves some twisted rolaren arm greaves a pair of twisted driftwood arm greaves


a pair of heavy steel manacles a thin bracelet of braided hair tied with blue ribbons a thick leather bracer a silver and amethyst charm bracelet a ruby-studded gold wristlet
a simple cotton bracelet of braided string a wristlet fashioned of curling birch and autumn leaves a thin white string bracelet a wide ebonwood bangle inlaid with mother-of-pearl some zebrawood bangles
a series of alternating copper and birch bangles a woven daisy bracelet a trio of slender sterling silver bracelets a silk pomander riddled with tiny rose buds an ivy and larkspur wristlet
a woven daisy and buttercup bracelet a cabochon-inset eahnor wristcuff an interlocking knotwork bracelet a wide ebonwood bangle inlaid with mother-of-pearl a delicate faenor rose bracelet
a suede-laced archer's bracer


some studded fingerless gloves some suede-palmed leather gloves a pair of thick mittens a iron-knuckled steel gauntlets a delicate pair of lace fingerless gloves
some sturdy mitten gauntlets a pair of chocolate-stained white cotton gloves a pair of elbow-length elkhide hawking gloves a pair of black leather gloves a pair of berry-stained brown gloves
a pair of elegant elbow-length silk gloves a pair of pristine white cotton gloves a pair of knitted fingerless gloves a quilted dark blue cotton baking mitt a checkered cotton baking mitt
a pair of silver silk gloves a suede-palmed glove with one leather finger a pair of thick suede gloves lined with fur a left-hand falconry glove a silver and amethyst handflower

Right Hand/Left Hand

These can be swapped between locations using TURN.

a Raging Thrak-etched broadsword (right only) a tiny hooked laje lockpick an intricately carved key a small modwir strongbox an eahnor claidhmore with a wrapped leather hilt
a crimson-edged iron tigerclaw a silk pomander riddled with tiny rose buds a large mixing bowl a slender gut-strung mandolin a heavy quartz orb
a hoarbeam buckler a tiny blue crystal a stone-tipped arrow with eagle feather fletchings a doll-sized tiny blue-eyed kitten a pair of painted tarot cards
an intricately carved pumpkin a frosted chocolate cupcake a tiny treasure chest a leather-bound tome a large white mournbloom
a doll-sized green-eyed orange tabby kitten a doll-sized adamantine fist-scythe a deep-bowled mahogany spoon a shiny hide-framed tamborine a paint-splattered oak brush
a streusel-topped pumpkin muffin a smudged silver piccolo a triple-strung ipantor short bow (right only) a dark wood longbow (right only) a hoarbeam runestaff (right only)
a doll-sized veil iron maul (right only) a tiny etched black alloy broadsword (right only) an ebon-studded ironwood crossbow a silver-hilted rolaren dagger a wavy silver kris
a bone-hilted steel hunting knife a doll-sized mangy grey flea-bitten kitten a paint-splattered unfinished canvas a tiny Wavedancer in a hazy glass bottle a sigil-painted ebon shan skull
a pewter tankard of ale a curved witchwood pipe an oak-handled broom a lace-edged parasol a frilled lavender silk kerchief
a spotted dragon egg toy a fistful of fake bloodscrip a minuscule mithril Juggernaut a rations kit a crystal-tipped sceptre
a lopsided sailcloth rag doll a tiny zorveneh potion a tiny mirtokh potion a tiny ayveneh potion a gold chest
a slender vaalin lockpick a tiny discolored bone lockpick a round ironwood shield (left only) a doll-sized ki-lin horn a tiny trapped oak chest
a frayed cotton hairtie a doll-sized grey-eyed black and white kitten an oak-handled broom a sprig of ribbon-wrapped larkspur a tiny solid moonstone cube
a tiny white crystal a spherical flawless glass orb a gnarled glowbark runestaff carved with erratic symbols (right only) a silver battle-axe a pair of oak-handled snips
a minuscule maoral box a bear-incised sgian dubh


a delicate cloisonne pinky ring a thorny rose stem ring a peridot-inset rose gold ring a polished gold wedding ring a braided red and blue cotton string ring
a faenor and silver ring a wyvern-etched eahnor band a filigreed rose gold band a wave-etched veniom ring an emerald-inset daisy band
a black rose cameo poison ring a hammered copper thumb ring a gold feather-etched ring a starstone-inset obsidian band a braided rolaren ring
a filigree tree cameo ring a wave-crested spinner band a polished gold wedding band a simple ring of tied twine a peridot-inset steel thumb ring
a princess-cut diamond ring


a bronze-buckled leather belt a gem-studded girdle of hardened leather a simple off-white rope belt a gauzy hip-scarf of blue and purple silks a tarnished chatelaine with empty jewelry sockets
a fitted girdle of platinum and gold plates a chocolate-splattered cotton apron an amber and amethyst cincture a flat girdle trailing autumn leaves a many-folded crimson silk sash
an autumnal tapestry weave belt a silver-linked belt a wide gold-plated girdle a low-slung polished gold hip-chain a leaf-patterned cinnamon red sash
a wide leather swordbelt a tri-strapped leather kidney belt a silver-ringed chatelaine dangling copper keys


a carved wooden censer a bulging blue velvet gem pouch a flour-splattered cotton pouch a compartmented leather vasculum a silver-capped narrow sheath
a tiny wicker rat cage a small linen kitten pouch a petite square leather case a boiled leather compass case a cylindrical oak-slatted scroll case
a tiny gnomic rune pouch a bone-reinforced suede reticule an expose-stitched suede waterskin a white birch envelope pouch a bulging blue velvet gem pouch
a suede-wrapped blue linen dagger sheath a fur-lined instrument pouch a fringed tambourine pouch a black lockpick kit a glaesine starfly cylinder
a round leather-sided tankard


a full-length blue tartan skirt some patched sailcloth trousers some bedraggled dusty brown pants a pair of baggy brown breeches a sleek black leather skirt
a pair of navy blue trousers with yellow stripes on the outer seam a pair of cuffed black trousers a ruffled saffron chainsil skirt with crimson petticoats a green and blue tartan kilt a feather-patterned suede loincloth
a simple loincloth of suede and fur some paisley-patterned teal pantaloons some faded blue pants a kerchief-hemmed gauzy red skirt a pair of cuffed black trousers
a steel-tipped black leather pteruge a side-slit black silk skirt a pair of wide-cuffed burgundy pantaloons some striped black and white trousers

Over Legs Worn (Greaves)

a pair of slatted driftwood shin guards some quilted leather leg greaves some linen-wrapped black leather shin guards some segmented iron cuisses some suede-wrapped leg greaves
a pair of driftwood shin guards some ornate eahnor leg greaves some twisted sigil-incised leg greaves some studded leather shin guards a pair of dented and worn leg greaves
some ora leg greaves some fur-lined dark blue leg greaves some twisted rolaren leg greaves a pair of dented and worn leg greaves a pair of scaled ironwood shin guards
a pair of tree-embossed leather tassets a decorative iron poleyn


a chainmail anklet dangling rainbow quartz crystals a white gold triquerta anklet a braided anklet of daisies and lady's breath a pair of linked iron shackles a charm-riddled copper anklet
a single broken-chained shackle a peridot and gold anklet a woven anklecuff of larkspur and lavender a twisted gold anklet a silver quaternary anklet
an anklet of twisted blue and red ribbons a fancy anklet of gold bells and green beads a crystal-woven silver anklet trailing copper bells a trio of delicate silver anklets a lapis lazuli anklet with silver bells
a burnished gold charm anklet a lilac and rosebud anklet a bell-adorned silver anklet a series of alternating ruby and emerald anklets a pair of delicate ankle bracelets
a raven-charmed rolaren anklet a ribbon-strung ivory disk anklet a beaded silver anklet

Inner Footwear

a pair of black silk stockings a pair of dainty white ankle-socks with pink bows some thigh-high stone grey socks a pair of silk rose-embroidered stockings some lace-edged rosy silk stockings
some white cotton socks a mismatched pair of red and blue socks some threadbare cotton socks some leaf-patterned grey socks a pair of opaque white socks
some green cotton socks a pair of coarse grey wool socks a pair of red socks with bright white tassles some white linen divit-toed socks some knee-high black socks
some blue tart-embroidered socks a pair of fuzzy black socks some quilted cotton socks some grey socks a pair of moth-eaten cotton socks
a pair of soft lamb's wool socks


some dust-covered leather sandals some fringed suede moccasins a pair of river reed sandals a pair of cork-soled yatanes a pair of sienna ankle-boots
some blue haon-heeled clogs a pair of pink silk dancing shoes a pair of brown leather brogues a pair of double-thonged sandals a pair of turquoise slippers
some slouched gold-buckled boots a pair of polished black leather shoes a peridot and silver-chained footflower some thigh-high black suede boots some black leather boots with deteriorated heels
a bell-edged aventurine footflower some ankle-tied red and white ribbon slippers a pair of sturdy suede buskins a pair of sharply curled poulaines a pair of suede-laced riding boots
some beige boots with rawhide laces

Gift Shop Inventory

Accessories could be found in the north storage room of the Gift Shop.

On the large wooden doll you see:

a single gold earring 20
a wide gold hoop
a single blackened steel hoop
a red wool scarf
a fringed tartan scarf
a red cabochon-studded leather collar
a steel chainmail choker
a white canvas rucksack
a fur-lined green wool backpack
a plump brown leather satchel
a floral silk purse
a bell-edged purple cloak
a high-collared fitted black jacket
a light brown tunic
a suit of mithril plate
a white ruffle-necked shirt
a braided twine belt
a black leather belt
a bright yellow chainsil sash
a plated ebon linen sack
a pleated sailcloth loot sack
some short blonde hair 500
some short brown hair
some short black hair
some short white hair
some long brown hair
some long blonde hair
some long black hair
some long grey hair
some deep brown eyes
some bright green eyes
some bright blue eyes
some large round ears
some slightly pointed ears
some pointy ears
some dainty ears
a straight nose
a dainty nose
a crooked nose
a silver dagger
a maoral box
a waxy light brown scroll
a ruby-encrusted wide rose pin
a sleeping cockatiel charm
a tall wizard's hat
a blue satin ribbon
a steel grey conical helm
a simple leather headband
a braided hemp hairtie
some mithril leg greaves
some studded leather arm greaves
a decorative iron vambrace
a coral-inlaid slender gold bracelet
a braided silver bracelet
a pair of ebon silk gloves
a pair of sturdy forging gloves
a pair of fur-lined red wool mittens
a thin gold ring
a wide onyx band
some pleated brown canvas pants
an embossed black leather bracer
a rose-embroidered white silk skirt
a pair of calf-tied white breeches
an iron-studded brass tasset
a braided suede anklet
some flat twine sandals
a pair of seagrass sandals
some thick green wool socks
some yellow cotton socks
a thin faenor anklet