Wiggim's Charms

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Wiggim's Charms is the magic shop in Icemule Trace.

[Wiggim's Charms]
This sturdy wooden stand has been spruced up after several years of neglect. Braided woolen throw rugs dot the well-swept floors, and a fresh coat of bright blue paint covers the walls. The room itself is cluttered with a wide variety of tables, display cases, and other containers each bursting with odds and ends for sale. A few light drafts of bitingly cold air enter through some holes spaced randomly about the floorboards. You also see an arctic forest panorama with some carved fetishes on it, a dark fel clothing rack with a pair of cloaks on it, a small oak writing table with some essential writing supplies on it, a Malghavan pottery jug, a jewelry case, a small curio case, a salt-encrusted hogshead, a fine mithril chain displaying a variety of pins and a sales counter.


  1. a fresh herring                       24. a dark fel ice tiger totem
  2. a fresh squid                         25. a dark fel wolverine fang totem
  3. a fresh krill                         26. a dark fel snow dragon totem
  4. a desiccated snow crone finger        27. a dark fel feral hare totem
  5. a polar bear skin cloak               28. a dark fel bear claw totem
  6. a white puma hide cloak               29. a snowflake zircon earring
  7. a snowy white tailfeather quill       30. some snowflake zircon earrings
  8. a black penguin feather quill         31. a golden rhimar-bloom earring
  9. a white penguin feather quill         32. some pink mithril-bloom earrings
  10. a tooled leather-bound folio         33. a purple mithril-bloom earring
  11. a brown jade snow bird pin           34. some purple mithril-bloom earrings
  12. an onyx and ivory penguin pin        35. some blue-white frost opal earrings
  13. a blue sapphire rearing mule pin     36. a blue-white frost opal earring
  14. a milky quartz temple pin            37. a steel shortstaff
  15. a white jade snow leopard fetish     38. a mithril-capped shortstaff
  16. a white jade polar bear fetish       39. an ora-capped shortstaff
  17. a smoky quartz grizzly bear fetish   40. an imflass-capped shortstaff
  18. a yellow jade wooly mammoth fetish   41. a glaes-capped shortstaff
  19. an ivory arctic puma fetish          42. a vultite-capped shortstaff
  20. a milky quartz ice troll fetish      43. some waxy translucent chalk
  21. a mica arctic manticore fetish       44. a leather book
  22. a brown jade coyote fetish           45. a frosted glass jar
  23. a dark fel arctic puma totem