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Storyline Nations on the Brink
Gender Male
Race Human
Status Alive
Hometown Solhaven

Harbormaster Wilhard oversaw Solhaven's harbor operations when the ship carrying the deceased Lady Kasendra Malwind's remains attempted to dock in Charlatos 5123. He initially refused to allow the ship to dock as it appeared to be from the elven City-States, and he was angry that the Illistim elves, in his view, allowed Kasendra to die in their city. The confrontation escalated as archers with fire arrows emerged to deter the eastern ship from docking, however after he was arrested by Captain Kimrella de'Naut of the Vornavian Navy, the ship was able to dock and Kasendra's remains brought home to the Vornavis Keep.

Several days later, Wilhard was before Lady Athalia Malwind during an open court session. Several of his charges were made public, including dereliction of duty and refusing an order from an Officer of the Vornavian Navy. Athalia ultimately said she would wait until tensions had calmed before deciding what to do with him. He has remained in prison since.


On 3/8/23, during a Vornavis Court session:

You see Harbormaster Wilhard.
He appears to be a Human.
He is very tall and has a broad-shouldered, richly muscled figure.  He appears to be an adult.  He has dark-rimmed steel grey eyes and leathery, sun-bronzed skin.  He has shoulder length, tied back black hair with grey at the temples.  He has a square-jawed face, a broken nose and a series of long, jagged scars crisscrossing the length of his arm.  He has heavily calloused knuckles on his large hands.
He is in good shape.
He is wearing a cream-colored linen shirt stretched tightly across the chest, a pair of cross-buckled black leather trousers, and some tall steel-buckled oiled onyx leather boots.