Wonders of Elanthia 5116

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Wonders of Elanthia 5116 was an event organized by Silverwood Manor, showcasing important places around Elanthia and telling the histories behind them. Like the first Wonders of Elanthia event in 5108, each place had a collectible souvenir, and the full set combined into a colorful Elanthian globe.

Wonder of Elanthia Souvenir Description
Fishmarket Pier, Solhaven a miniature pink marble kraken Carved from pale pink marble, this tiny hatchling's tentacles coil around one another, forming the base upon which the figurine sits. Its eyes are two very small slivers of nacre.
Ilynov Manor, Ta'Vaalor a miniature stone manor Thick, dark green ivy has been painted along the facade of the structure. Columns flank a pair of tiny mahogany doors in the front. Words have been carved deeply into the bottom.
Linden Tree, Wehnimer's Landing a small wooden tree This tiny, carved tree is light brown from its trunk to its twisted roots. The branches, full and pendulous, have been painted with pale green leaves and delicate blossoms.
The Whining Elf Bar, Kharam Dzu a tiny brass spittoon This small, brass container is tarnished, particularly in streaks along the side, as if patrons' aim was off more times than not. Small letters have been engraved along the bottom.
The Citadel Gardens, River's Rest a carved Aeia statuette Carved from pale water sapphire, this tiny statue takes the form of a graceful woman. Her flowing gown pools around her feet like still water. Small letters have been carved into the bottom.
Penguin Hill, Icemule Trace a tiny clay penguin chick Painted in lifelike hues of black and white, the tiny bird stands on oversized yellow feet. Its torso is flecked with grey, and its miniature beak is a vivid orange.
Observatory, Seethe Naedal a reclining woman figurine The woman lies on a simple bed, her robes far richer than her surroundings. Her eyes are closed, her lips slightly parted.