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Use Weapon, Armor, Shield,
Staff, Bows, Arrows
Bonus -20
ST/DU -20/-90
Rarity Very Common
Weight Modifier 100%
This article is about the base material "wood". For other types of wood, see list of woods.

Normally fashioned by unskilled hands, wooden weapons and armors are generally the utensils of the poor. Aside from useful its applications in arrows and spears, it is normally a very weak, very cheap medium with which to stock your armory. Wooden weapons are most often found in the hands of peasants attempting revolt in the form of hastily carved swords or breastplates, or in the hands of odorous drunks stirring up trouble in taverns in the form of a spoon or a chair.

When used as a material for melee weapons or armor, wood has a -10 natural offensive/defensive penalty and such items are much harder to enchant or ensorcell. There is no penalty for wooden shields, staves, or bows and arrows.

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