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Enchant (925)
Mnemonic [ENCHANT]
Duration Permanent
Utility Magic  
Subtype Permanent Enchantment 
Components Enchanting potions 
Availability Channel at held item 
Wizard Base Spells
Minor Shock (901) Attack
Minor Elemental Edge (902) Offensive
Minor Water (903) Attack
Minor Acid (904) Attack
Prismatic Guard (905) Defensive
Minor Fire (906) Attack
Major Cold (907) Attack
Major Fire (908) Attack
Tremors (909) Attack
Major Shock (910) Attack
Mass Blur (911) Defensive
Call Wind (912) Attack
Melgorehn's Aura (913) Defensive
Sandstorm (914) Attack
Weapon Fire (915) Attack
Invisibility (916) Utility
Earthen Fury (917) Attack
Duplicate (918) Utility
Wizard's Shield (919) Defensive
Call Familiar (920) Utility
Enchant Item (925) Utility
Familiar Gate (930) Utility
Core Tap (950) Utility
"Enchant" redirects here. For other uses, see Enchant (disambiguation).
This article is for the new Enchant (925) released during the Spring Spectacular 2019 updates. For the prior version of the spell, please see Enchant Item (925).

The Enchant spell is the final step of Enchanting: the process of magically enhancing a properly prepared weapon, armor, or shield. Each successful enchantment provides a permanent +1 bonus to the item's attack strength (AS) or defensive strength (DS), as applicable.


Enchanting now requires the gathering of essence by a wizard and expending it to increase the enchantment of an item. You can SENSE how much essence you have accumulated and how strong of an enchantment you can complete.

For every point of experience a wizard earns, he will obtain and equal point of essence.

You can now also see your resources via the RESOURCE verb which shows how much essence you've fully absorbed toward your 50,000 weekly cap and how close you are to the 200,000 maximum cap.

Health: 100/100     Mana: 200/200     Stamina: 50/50     Spirit: 10/10
Essence: 50,000/50,000 (Weekly)     200,000/200,000 (Total)

Cost to Enchant

The essence costs for each cast follow a simple pattern. If the current bonus of the item is less than 25, the cost is TRUNC(100 * 3.125) essence per point of bonus. If the current bonus of the item is 25 or higher, the cost is 7500 essence plus 7500 per point above 24. This is the cost to increase the bonus of the item by 1 point. e.g. from +24 to +25 costs 7500 essence; from +49 to +50 costs 195,000 essence; from +0 to +1 costs zero essence.

Essence Cost to Enchant per Bonus
Bonus Essence
+0 to +1 0
+1 to +2 312
+2 to +3 625
+3 to +4 937
+4 to +5 1250
+5 to +6 1562
+6 to +7 1875
+7 to +8 2187
+8 to +9 2500
+9 to +10 2812
Bonus Essence
+10 to +11 3125
+11 to +12 3437
+12 to +13 3750
+13 to +14 4062
+14 to +15 4375
+15 to +16 4687
+16 to +17 5000
+17 to +18 5312
+18 to +19 5625
+19 to +20 5937
Bonus Essence
+20 to +21 6250
+21 to +22 6562
+22 to +23 6875
+23 to +24 7187
+24 to +25 7500
+25 to +26 15000
+26 to +27 22500
+27 to +28 30000
+28 to +29 37500
+29 to +30 45000
Bonus Essence
+30 to +31 52500
+31 to +32 60000
+32 to +33 67500
+33 to +34 75000
+34 to +35 82500
+35 to +36 90000
+36 to +37 97500
+37 to +38 105000
+38 to +39 112500
+39 to +40 120000
Bonus Essence
+40 to +41 127500
+41 to +42 135000
+42 to +43 142500
+43 to +44 150000
+44 to +45 157500
+45 to +46 165000
+46 to +47 172500
+47 to +48 180000
+48 to +49 187500
+49 to +50 195000

Total Essence & Weekly Cost for Full Enchant Tier
Bonus Essence Weeks Required
0x to 1x 3124 < 1
1x to 2x 10937 < 1
2x to 3x 18750 < 1
3x to 4x 26562 < 1
4x to 5x 34375 < 1
5x to 6x 150000 3
6x to 7x 337500 6.75
7x to 8x 525000 10.5
8x to 9x 712500 14.25
9x to 10x 900000 18
Bonus Essence Weeks Required
0x to 1x 3124 < 1
0x to 2x 14062 < 1
0x to 3x 32812 < 1
0x to 4x 59375 1.1875
0x to 5x 93750 1.875
0x to 6x 243750 4.875
0x to 7x 581250 11.625
0x to 8x 1106250 22.125
0x to 9x 1818750 36.375
0x to 10x 2718750 54.375

Using Essence to Enchant

Once you begin any project with the new style enchanting system, you will NOT be able to use the old style enchant system again!

Using the new style enchant system via essence, you will first need to unlock the maximum enchant potential on your item. This is done via the various color ayan'eth potions now available at the various wizard guild shops. The color of each potion corresponds to the ROYGBIV colors associated with the AI crystal, where green equates up to +20 and so on.

Unlock potions must be used in order, starting with green. Green ayan'eth potions come with four pours by default, with each pour unlocking the item potential by +5 until it is unlocked to +20. So, if enchanting a steel weapon, the green ayan'eth potion must be poured on it four times to unlock its maximum enchant first to +5, then +10, +15, and finally +20 on the last pour. After that, a single pour of the blue ayan'eth potion will unlock its maximum enchant further to +25.

The current maximum enchant unlock can be checked by a wizard via 405:

You focus your energy on the phrases and form of Elemental Detection as glowing orbs of power rise up and swirl about your body...
The steel dagger seems to have been prepared for enchanting, and may be enchanted up to a bonus of 20.
Cast Roundtime 3 Seconds.

A wizard can cast also use 405 to determine the precise current enchant.

Color intensity Enchant value
faint color value -4
muted color value -3
hazy color value -2
soft color value -1
vibrant full color value

Thus, an item that registers as yellow with the AI crystal (+11 to +15) would have a faint yellow aura if +11, a hazy yellow aura if +13, and a vibrant yellow aura if a full +15. Once it reaches +16, the item then has a faint green aura.

There is no tempering time associated with maximum enchant potential unlocks. As soon as the unlock potion has been poured, the item can immediately be enchanted up to that maximum amount, provided the wizard(s) contributing have sufficient essence to enchant it. The maximum unlock is permanent and never fades. The item can be used in combat at any point during new style enchanting process. The item cannot be "locked" as with old style enchants, and it cannot be destroyed in a catastrophic failure. The item is not associated with any individual wizard's project and can be enchanted in whole or in part by any other wizard up to that maximum unlock amount.

Once the item has had its maximum enchant potential unlocked, it can be enchanted simply by preparing 925 and using CHANNEL on the item. Each enchant channel increases the item's enchant by +1. Each channel enchant also reduces the wizard's available essence by that individual step amount, referenced in the above essence charts. If a wizard fails an enchant step, a small amount of essence will be lost, but otherwise nothing adverse happens to the wizard or to the item.

Difficulty Detection

A wizard's chance for success in enchanting an item can be determined by CASTing Enchant Item at an item. This can be done without first unlocking the item for enchantment.

Roll Needed Description % Chance
you can only fail if you are horribly unlucky 97% (will only fail on a fumble)
you should be able to enchant it easily enough, barring bad luck 90+%
the odds are on your side to successfully complete the enchantment 75+%
you are more likely than not to succeed on your cast, but you will need some luck 55+%
this enchantment will be difficult, but possible 35+%
this enchantment will be very difficult 15+%
that this enchantment will be nearly impossible 1+%
you will likely need a miracle to complete this enchantment -100+%
this enchantment is completely beyond your abilities less than -100%
Roll Result Description Result
You make an astoundingly good attempt! 100+ (Open roll)
You make an outstanding attempt! 90+
You make an excellent attempt! 80+
You make a good attempt! 70+
You make a decent attempt. 60+
You make an okay attempt. 50+
You make a passable attempt. 40+
You make a questionable attempt. 30+
You make a poor attempt! 20+
You make a very poor attempt! 10+
You make a horribly poor attempt! 2+
You make an astoundingly inept attempt! 1
Something doesn't seem right... Fumble

Success Factors

The precise formula to achieve a successful enchantment is not released. What is known is that the level and Wizard Base ranks of the enchanter are primary factors. The following table lists all known factors (positive or negative), in no particular order. At the very least, a wizard should be uninjured, and in a magical workshop with a familiar present.

Positive Factors Negative Factors
Wizard Base ranks Existing enchant bonus
Level of enchanter Ensorcell tier
Magic Item Use ranks Material of the item
Arcane Symbols ranks Resistances (Penalty = sum of all resist/2)
Logic, Intuition Creature bane
Elemental Mana Control ranks Holy
Public workshop Weighting, Padding, and/or Sighting (Penalty = CER*CER)
Having a familiar in the room Health or Spirit Loss, Injuries
Flares, TD bonus, AS/DS bonus (Flare Penalty = Nearly all -100) , (TD Penalty = TD*TD)
Enhancive item, Fusion, Scripted item

Gear Difficulty Modifiers

Material Gear Difficulty Modifier
Material Modifiers for Adamantine to Glaes
Material Name Modifier
adamantine -150
alexandrite -500
black alloy 0
bone -250
bronze -50
carmiln 10
cloth 0
copper -50
coraesine -200
deringo -20
drakar -50
drake 0
eahnor 15
eonake -60
faenor 15
faewood 0
feras 0
fireleaf 15
ghezyte -50
glaes -10
Material Modifiers for Glass to Mesille
Material Name Modifier
glass 0
glowbark -10
golvern -10
gornar -50
high steel 0
hoarbeam 5
illthorn 0
imflass -30
invar 0
ipantor -40
iron -30
ironwood 0
kakore 0
kelyn 0
krodera -999
kroderine -999
leather -10
lor -25
low steel 0
mein -10
Material Modifiers for Metal to Stone
Material Name Modifier
metal1 -500
mesille 0
mithglin 15
mithril 20
modwir 0
mossbark 0
obsidian -500
ora 0
ora, black -75
ora, white -40
orase 0
razern -20
rhimar -50
rolaren -40
rowan 20
ruby -500
ruic -60
sephwir -25
steel -10
stone -500
Material Modifiers for Surita to Zorchar
Material Name Modifier
surita (lesser) -100
surita (greater) -250
urglaes -999
urnon -999
vaalorn 10
veil iron -50
villswood 0
vultite 0
white alloy 0
witchwood -75
wood -10
wyrwood -60
yew -20
zelnorn -250
zorchar -50

1 If the item inspects as "metal" (rather than a specific type of metal) something is wrong. ASSIST to get it fixed.

Script Gear Difficulty Modifier
Script Modifiers for Animalistic Spirit to Fusion Arms
Script Name Modifier
Animalistic Spirit Weapon/Shield/Armor -200
Banshee Flares -200
Blink Weapon -200
Bloodtooth Bracers -100
Briar Flares (T1/T2/T3) -70/-100/-200
Bubble Flares -200
Chain Spear -150
Chronomage Flares -200
Cursed Armor -200
Elemental Gloves -70
Elven Armor (T1/T2/T3/T4) -70/-140/-200/-200
Energy Runestaff -200
Ethereal Armor varies with unlocks, caps at -140
Ethereal String -200
Ethereal Tattoo Weapon -100
Forest Armor -70
Fusion Arms (1/2/3/4/5/6 slots) -25/-75/-140/-225/-325/-450
Script Modifiers for Globus Elanthius to Pure White Ora Weapon (Iasha)
Script Name Modifier
Globus Elanthias (T1/T2/T3/T4) -40/-40/-40/-100
Greater Elemental Flares -150
Grobey shield -70
Hinged Armor -10
Ithzir Armor -200
Karma Armor -200
Knockout Flares -150
Mana-infused Armor (T0/T1/T2/T3/T4) -70/-70/-140/-200/-200
Mechanical Crossbow (T1/T2) -70/-140
Morphing Armor -100
Nerve Staff -150
Parasite Armor -100
Parasite Weapon -250 (including penalty from bone material)
Poison Weapon -70
Polearm Flares -100
Pure Black Ora Weapon (Iasha) -70
Pure White Ora Weapon (Iasha) -70
Script Modifiers for Realm Weapon to Wand Bow
Script Name Modifier
Realm Weapon -100 (-200 including flare)
Returning (Disarm) Weapon -70
Returning (Hurl) Weapon -200
Rotflares -200
Self-mana Armor -40
Shell Armor -40
Shock Lance varies with unlocks, caps at -140
Sigil Staff (T1/T2/T3/T4/T5) 0/-40/-70/-140/-200
Snake Flares -100
Solar/Nebular Weapon (T1/T2+) -40/-80
Splitter Weapon -200
Sprite Weapon/Armor -200
Twin Weapons (T1/T2/T3) -50/-100/-150
Vial Flares -70
Voln Armor (T1/T2/T3+) -70/-140/-200
Wand Bow -150
*Elven Armor Note: Per GM Oscuro, "The way the gear difficulty for item scripts system works is there's an overall difficulty set, then each spell can overwrite that as needed. Loresong doesn't report the per-spell value, just the global difficulty setting." Elven Armor has an overall difficulty of -70/-140/-200/-200 which would be used as the difficulty for non-magical enhancement. Under magical enhancement (such as 620/735/925) this difficulty setting is overridden to the listed 10/20/30/40.

†Subscript penalties stack with all other modifiers.

Other Gear Difficulty Modifiers
Property Modifier
Enchant -((Bonus - 2)/3)^2
Ensorcell -50 per tier
Damage Type Resistance - (Total / 2)
Sanctified -100
Creature Bane -100
Defender (DS) -Bonus^2
Offensive Bonus (AS) -Bonus^2
Target Defense (TD) -Bonus^2
Category B Flares (except otherwise noted) -100
Acuity Flares -15 per tier
Dispel Flares -50 + -50*dispel attempts
Mana Flares -20 per tier
WPS -CER^2 (separately for each type)
Enhancive varies

Weighting/Padding Difficulty

Difficulty is the square of CER, truncated, i.e. trunc(CER²). Whatever the percent to reach the next CER level is also used. Example, CER plus 10 % chance to get 6 CER would be trunc(5.1²), which is -26 difficulty. Mixed types are the sum of each type's square - i.e. [crit trunc(CER²)] + [dmg trunc(CER²)]

Permanent Resist Penalty Difficulty

[Total Resist % / 2]


It is not possible to destroy an item during the enchanting process. Upon a failure to succeed, the wizard will lose 10% of the required essence to complete the +1 bonus cast.

Pre-Temper Potions

Pre-temper potions currently have a limited duration once successfully applied to an item. These potions are poured prior to Channeling the Enchant spell.

Flaring Items

Main article: Pre-tempering potions

Elemental flared items can have their difficulty negated by using the appropriate pre-temper potion. No Elemental Lore skills are required to apply an appropriate pre-temper potion.

Enhancive and Holy Items

Main article: Pre-tempering potions

No lore training is required to enchant either enhancive or holy items, but these items will be more difficult to enchant than plain items. The potion required is the urven'eth potion.

Permablessed items can similarly be further enchanted, with a difficulty modifier, through the use of the urven'eth potion.

Special Note: Unlike ayveneh and eoveneh potions, urven'eth potions are not restricted to 35 and lower enchants.

Enchanting and ensorcelling fusion items is substantially more difficult than typical gear (difficulty is dependent on the number of orb slots, not the bonuses of the orbs within those slots; prying orbs before enchanting or ensorcelling will not decrease difficulty).

Enchant Unlocking

To actually proceed with enchanting an item, you must first unlock its ability to be enchanted by pouring the appropriate enchant potion on the item. Once done, the item is permanently unlocked to be enchanted up to the bonus given by the potion used and can be verified by casting Elemental Detection (405) on the item.

Rewards for Enchanting

Successful enchantments earn experience, and potentially large amounts of silver.

While the enchantment process does not directly reward the wizard in silver, many items are enchanted with the intent of sale. By increasing the enchantment on an item, the wizard has increased its value, sometimes by immense amounts.

Negative Bonus Items

Items with a negative “bonus” (perhaps more accurately a negative modifier, as the negative is no boon!) may be enchanted to a bonus of +1 with no essence. Any restrictions (such as needing pretemper potions) are still in place, however.

For example, most wooden weapons begin with a modifier of -20. A wizard may enchant a wooden weapon (with use of an ayan'eth potion to unlock enchanting) to +1 with no essence. This would take 21 channels of enchant.

Functional Item Scripts

Please see above for a full description of what can and cannot be enchanted. Please keep these lists to Category D item scripts that are not listed in the Official Information section of the item properties page.
These are player-created lists and are not complete. See here for more functional scripts.
Scripts that CAN be wizard enchanted

Need to re-verify these since Spring Spectacular 2019 release

Scripts that CANNOT be wizard enchanted

Other Items Marked for No Enchanting

This list includes items that ARE NOT SCRIPTED (see above section for those), and that consist of properties that would otherwise be enchantable, but still cannot be enchanted because the creator has marked them as such (or has marked them to "not take any magic"[1]).

Specific Items Marked for No Enchanting Origin
Black alloy items[2] Sold near Pinefar decades ago
Versions of the fel-hafted waraxes
Versions of the rolaren longsword (ruby, sapphire, and one other)
Versions of the pryothag hide brigandine
Versions of the white ora warmaces

ASSIST and ask for a referral to fix the item to be made enchantable.

Potion Tables

Main article: Enchanting potions
New Style Enchanting Unlock Potions
Bonus (+)
Unlock (X)
Bonus (+)
Unlock (X)
Unlock Potion Potion
0 to +4 0x Red +5 1x undiluted green ayan'eth potion 10,000
+5 to +9 1x Orange +10 2x undiluted green ayan'eth potion 10,000
+10 to +14 2x Yellow +15 3x undiluted green ayan'eth potion 10,000
+15 to +19 3x Green +20 4x undiluted green ayan'eth potion 10,000
+20 to +24 4x Blue +25 5x an undiluted blue ayan'eth potion 25,000
+25 to +29 5x Indigo +30 6x an undiluted indigo ayan'eth potion 50,000
+30 to +34 6x Violet +35 7x an undiluted violet ayan'eth potion 75,000
+35 to +39 7x Copper +36 to +40 8x dilute copper ayan'eth potion** Special***
+40 to +44 8x Silver +41 to +45 9x dilute silver ayan'eth potion** Special***
+45 to +49 9x Golden +46 to 50 10x dilute golden ayan'eth potion** Special***
Pre-tempering Potions
Item Property Potion Potion
Starting Enchant
Lore Requirements
100 Ranks
Enhancive Glowing Urven'eth
formerly Ayveneh
-200 ≤+30 N/A
Sanctified Glowing Urven'eth
formerly Eoveneh
Flaring Earth Earthy Ilvan'eth
formerly Gorveneh
-100 N/A Earth
Fire Fiery Ilvan'eth
formerly Draveneh
Ice Icy Ilvan'eth
formerly Rhiveneh
Vacuum Cloudy Ilvan'eth
formerly Zorveneh
Acid Earthy Ilvan'eth
formerly Gorveneh
Icy Ilvan'eth
formerly Rhiveneh
Earth and/or Water
Lightning Cloudy Ilvan'eth
formerly Zorveneh
Icy Ilvan'eth
formerly Rhiveneh
Air and/or Water
Steam Fiery Ilvan'eth
formerly Draveneh
Icy Ilvan'eth
formerly Rhiveneh
Fire and/or Water


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