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Use Melee weapon
Bonus +25
Rarity Extremely Rare
Weight Modifier
Level Required 100
Special Properties Death flare
Primary Color
Dyeable Not dyeable

Xazkruvrixis ore was first seen at the #PlayApartTogether silver auction in May 2020. The rare metal can only be held safely by adventurers at level 100; Merchant Dett claims anyone below that level will die. The ore is used to create melee weapons with an innate +25 base enchantment and a death flare. When the wielder both has Death's Sting and kills a creature over level 100, the wielder has a chance for their sting to be reduced.

The flaring properties of the material reside in the Category B slot. The metal is enchantable by the player Enchant (925) system.

In-Game Release Information

Dett says, "This is a rare metal and newly mined from distant lands."
Dett says, "The metal xazkruvrixis requires you to have trained all the way, 100 times, to even hold."
Dett says, "Holding it before then will kill you."
Dett says, "This isn't attuned or anything like that."
Dett says, "And I meant what I said."
Dett says, "You will die if you hold it before training fully."
Dett says, "This ore is used to create a weapon."
Dett says, "It is 5x, and it flares death."
Dett says, "It must be a melee weapon."
Dett says, "If you have death sting, and you kill a creature over cap.  You have a chance to reduce that death sting.""


You swing a xazkruvrixis handaxe at an Ithzir scout!
  AS: +574 vs DS: +340 with AvD: +34 + d100 roll: +2 = +270
   ... and hit for 75 points of damage!
   Hard blow breaks the femur!
   The Ithzir scout is knocked to the ground!
   The Ithzir scout is stunned!
   ** Your xazkruvrixis handaxe emits an ominous black-green glow! **
   The life drains visibly away from the Ithzir scout, as he collapses before you, dead!