Xenophon's Fletcher Shop

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Xenophon's Fletcher Shop is the fletcher shop in Icemule Trace. It is located on Honeybeer Road in the southwest quadrant of town.

[Xenophon's Fletcher Shop]
This cozy shop is lit by dozens of wax candles that glimmer on the shelves, illuminating stacks of elk hide quivers and various style of bolts and arrows. Bows of fine wood and bone stand along the walls, ready for inspection by discerning archers. Shop assistants busy themselves with wood and feathers in the back of the room, and a wooden counter inlaid with polished mithril stands before you. You also see a large iron-bound barrel and a sign.


Welcome to Xenophon's Fletcher Shop!

Bowyer Xenophon offers his catalog to browse.
Xenophon exclaims, "Greetings stranger, have a look around!"

  1. a sturdy oilskin belt quiver             25. a bundle of white fletchings
  2. a white wolf hide belt quiver            26. a bundle of grey fletchings
  3. a grey walrus hide belt quiver           27. a bundle of black fletchings
  4. a reinforced oilskin back quiver         28. a bundle of blue fletchings
  5. a white wolf hide back quiver            29. a bundle of red fletchings
  6. a grey walrus hide back quiver           30. a bone-handled iron fletching razor
  7. a bundle of bone-tipped fir arrows       31. a bottle of fletching glue
  8. a bundle of light crossbow bolts         32. a thin white paintstick
  9. a bundle of heavy crossbow bolts         33. a thin grey paintstick
  10. an iron-nocked beech short bow          34. a thin black paintstick
  11. an iron-nocked beech composite bow      35. a thin blue paintstick
  12. an iron-nocked beech long bow           36. a thin red paintstick
  13. an iron-nocked beech light crossbow     37. a vial of paint
  14. an iron-nocked beech heavy crossbow     38. a bone-handled sharp iron drill
  15. a bone-nocked hoarbeam short bow        39. an iron bodkin arrowhead
  16. a hoarbeam and bone composite bow       40. an iron bodkin cap
  17. a bone-nocked hoarbeam long bow         41. a mithril knife-bladed arrowhead
  18. a bone-nocked hoarbeam light crossbow   42. a mithril knife-bladed cap
  19. a bone-nocked hoarbeam heavy crossbow   43. an imflass thin-bladed arrowhead
  20. a horn-nocked yew short bow             44. an imflass thin-bladed cap
  21. a horn-nocked yew composite bow         45. a vultite broad-bladed arrowhead
  22. a horn-nocked yew long bow              46. a vultite broad-bladed cap
  23. a horn-nocked yew light crossbow        47. a branch of wood
  24. a horn-nocked yew heavy crossbow        48. a limb of wood

  Backroom Catalog
  49. a stick of rowan wood      61. a stick of villswood wood
  50. a branch of rowan wood     62. a branch of villswood wood
  51. a limb of rowan wood       63. a limb of villswood wood
  52. a stick of deringo wood    64. a stick of faewood wood
  53. a branch of deringo wood   65. a branch of faewood wood
  54. a limb of deringo wood     66. a limb of faewood wood
  55. a stick of kakore wood     67. an ivory-nocked ruic short bow
  56. a branch of kakore wood    68. an ivory-nocked ruic composite bow
  57. a limb of kakore wood      69. an ivory-nocked ruic long bow
  58. a stick of mesille wood    70. an ivory-nocked ruic light crossbow
  59. a branch of mesille wood   71. an ivory-nocked ruic heavy crossbow
  60. a limb of mesille wood     72. an ivory-bound tiger skin quiver