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The Panicky Phantom known as Yardie had tried to go clean, turn a new leaf as the adage went. He earned the rank of Blade as a Palestra, officially taking on the role of hired contract for sorcerers, charged with slaying demons or the rogue caster should they get out of line. He took in the cosmetic tutelage of Soliere and used his steady hands for manicures, brewing, and cooking. He even started a new life in Kraken’s Fall, enjoying the soft sands and calm ocean breezes with loved ones. Above all, he spent his efforts helping others, be it the Vaalorians, the Landing folk, or the natives of Mist Harbor. *Penance*, he called it, from the crimes he committed and from the life he once lived.

But no one ever entirely escaped the life of skullduggery work: assassinations, deception, and intelligence gathering. Some went clean for a hiccup, a cup of coffee’s length of proper comportment before the need for coin or adrenaline-charged excitement brought them back. Besides, that network served its purposes, sometimes for good. Information on Pashtal would prove helpful in the Island of the Four Winds. And now, after the concerted pirate and bandit attack, the latter from a group of brigands hidden in the woods of Neartofar, the Poisonous Lunatics had their sights set on the strange stone near the Mistwatch and the wealth of lasimor it produced.

“Part of the penance,” Yardie whispered as he approached the dead-drop box. Bandits often worked away from the underworld network of thieves and vandals but often garnered a reputation. These, in particular, exhibited the magical talents of the wild. Something like that would not slip out of the public eye, and their skillset could fetch some hefty coin. He needed information. Who hired them? How long had their outfit been around? What were their goals? Who were some important names?

Lynaera would do the same out East. She had better contacts there, and, as an unwritten rule, it was best not to encroach on someone else’s territory. Besides, she *was* better at what they did, and Yardie had no shame in admitting such. Together, however, they increased the chances of a hit. Together, they could help the Vaalorians, and do some good. It sure beat the offer to join. Yardie considered doing such as a means of infiltration, but it was a bad look for a Faendryl to do such. The last thing he needed was to be skewed by High Legionnaire Aureliano, Legionnaire Agathilea, or even his brother, Squire Legionnaire Iskandr, for trying to do the right thing.


Yardie slipped the package into the dead-drop box. Translated from Dark Elven to Common, it read:

Purchasing information, inquiries, and job opportunities concerning the Faction known as the Poisonous Lunatics. Location: Neartofar Road, Woodside. Enclosed is a lucrative note.

I Remain,


Yardie slipped the envelope into the assigned dead drop and disappeared into the night, knowing that once in, no one ever escaped the life.

((My thanks again to Lynaera for her mention, as her character is also aiding in finding out intel.))