Yardie (prime)

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Race Dark Elf
Culture Faendryl
Profession Rogue
Religion None
Affiliation(s) Member of House Paupers, Faendryl Enclave, Order of the Shadow
Disposition Skittish, nervous
Demeanor Cautious
Flaw Inquisitive
Greatest Strength loyal, driven when motivated
Greatest Weakness Paranoia
Habits Engaging in conversations
Hobbies lockpicking, writing
Likes coin, cigars,
Dislikes hypocrisy, disloyalty
Fears Too many to specify

Yardie is a Faendryl Dark Elven Rogue who resides in Wehnimer's Landing. He is a member of the Rogues Guild, House Paupers, and the Faendryl Enclave. Foolhardy, and often wont to get in trouble, there remains a mystery to him, as his name, his associations, and his appearance in the Landing are a part of conflicting stories and speculations that range from the Elven Nations to his assumed origins in New Ta'Faendryl.


You see Yardie.
He appears to be a Faendryl Dark Elf.
He is average height.  He appears to be young.  
He has piercing violet eyes and black skin.  He has very long, straight blue-black hair with a white streak running down the length of his part.  He has a narrow face, a flaring nose and slightly pointed ears.
He has a tattooed leaping rogue silhouetted against a silver-inked moon on his arm.
He is in good shape.
He is wearing a wide-brimmed black leather hat, a silk scarf, a black silk cloak held at the throat by a blood red teardrop-etched scarab toggle, a gold-buttoned white chambray shirt, some dark leather handwraps, a midnight black leather belt, a polished silver pocket watch with a fine silver chain, some reinforced black leather pants, a set of vultite spiked elven leg guards, and some dark leather moccasins.


Little is known about Yardie, but his appearance dates to the middle of 5120, where he aimlessly wandered the streets of Wehnimer's Landing until Wolfloner, his rogue mentor, took Yardie under his tutelage. Wolfloner helped the lost Dark Elf refine his skills and settle into the town. Without a home to call his own, Yardie spent many nights sleeping in the great tree in Town Square Central, using the area as a home. After several months of meeting bounties for Taskmaster Rheteger, Yardie finally achieved full citizenship in Wehnimer's Landing.

Despite these facts, there are rumors surrounding the Faendryl rogue. According to diviners and a child witness from the east, a Dark Elf fitting Yardie's description was last seen fleeing from a bloody demon attack somewhere in the area.

It is also rumored that there is a connection between Yardie and another Faendryl who disappeared from New Ta'Faendryl.

Personality & Traits

You are incredibly ill-spoken, and you tend toward dull actions. But you are passably entertaining and loyal to your friends. Tell anyone that I complimented you and you will end up a greasy spot below my spikestar.

— Great Lord Xylador - Faendryl Warrior

Skittish and nervous, Yardie carries himself with a fearful and often paranoid disposition. This nature swells to exaggerated degrees when in contact with sorcerers. He tends to shy away from any semblance of combat and confrontation, using words and conversations to diffuse situations. However, due to his penchant for putting his foot in his mouth, those attempts to quell situations often worsen said confrontations and/or result in offending individuals he encounters. Curious and mercurial, Yardie will often converse with just about anyone, his lack of social skills notwithstanding. His lack of attention to detail also attributes to many of his troubles. He is often secretive and avoids opening up to most individuals. Contrary to the stereotypes of most Faendryl, Yardie rarely exhibits any sense of pride, and will toss it aside, as he is often the butt of the joke.

Despite this, Yardie illustrates an uncanny loyalty to his closest friends. This loyalty is best illustrated by his connection between Iskandr Tamarack, the Squire Legionnaire of Vaalor, and Draelor, an Aelotoi. Despite the shaky history between the three races, Yardie considers them to be his "brothers", and will often voice this in public, despite whomever may object. While the inner circle of individuals he cares about is small, he would put himself in harm's way for their safety. His intelligence is not geared to books and logic, but rather awareness in combat and survival tactics. It is often mistaken that Yardie's avoidance of combat equates to inability, an error in judgment that he often exploits. A survivalist, Yardie operates on instincts, often trusting what he feels over most logical decisions. Yet, behind the panicky temperament, there are hints of a self-awareness concealed underneath the surface.


Speaking determinedly to Lylia, you say, "I will get there someday.  I hope to be the finest rogue in the Enclave when it is all over...along with Nazarr, of course."
Lylia says, "To do less would be a waste and a pity."
Speaking carefully to Lylia, you ask, "Thank you...for...believing...in me?"
Speaking to you, Lylia says, "Of course.  You would not wish to become a disappointment, after all."
Speaking to you, Akenna says, "Not that I have any... weight in this matter, it is yours.  Mister Yardie, who you were in the past, is not who you are now."