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Yardie by Mooreaux
Race Dark Elf
Culture Faendryl
Profession Rogue
Religion None
Affiliation(s) Member of House Paupers, Kraken Collective, Town Crier, Claws of the Drake
Disposition Skittish, nervous
Demeanor Cautious
Flaw Inquisitive
Greatest Strength loyal, driven when motivated
Greatest Weakness Paranoia
Habits Engaging in conversations
Hobbies lockpicking, writing, cooking
Likes coin, cigars
Dislikes hypocrisy, disloyalty
Fears Too many to specify

This isn’t Yardie's fault -- he wasn’t even there. He has never once found the world boring. He has trouble reading Elven because his mother tongue is Surprise and Denial. There is a pile of bodies somewhere behind him, but I’m sure there’s an innocent explanation somehow. - Poem Written by Alosaka (prime)

Yardie is like fresh mown grass, knowing in your heart a newly forged blade cuts deepest. A trains clickety-clack may run you down, but you know he does know Jack and has been around. A fleeting Shadow that does not consume the light but caresses it gently while staring it eye to eye. - Poem Written by Dendum (prime)

Yardie is a Faendryl Dark Elven Rogue who was "reborn" in Icemule, lived in Wehnimer's Landing, and now claims citizenship in Kraken's Fall. Dubbed the "Panicky Phantom", his serves under many affiliations and organizations and is the rank Blade of the Palestra class of 5122 (Vanguard of Mahkra). Foolhardy and often wont to get in trouble, he remains a mystery, as his name, associations, and appearance in the Landing are a part of conflicting stories and speculations ranging from the Elven Nations to his assumed origins in New Ta'Faendryl.


You see Yardie.
He appears to be a Faendryl Dark Elf.
He is average height and has a trim build.  He appears to be young.
He has piercing violet eyes and silken black skin.
He has very long, straight blue-black hair with a small section pulled to the right side and braided with woven cord around a simple iron treenail.
He has a narrow face, a flaring nose and full lips.
He has a puckered, raised scar on the back of his left hand that forms a perfectly symmetrical spiderweb.  He also has a tapered jawline and well-proportioned features.
He is in good shape.
He is wearing a wide-brimmed black leather hat, a silk scarf, a black silk cloak held at the throat by a blood red teardrop-etched scarab toggle, a gold-buttoned white chambray shirt, some dark leather handwraps, a midnight black leather belt, a polished silver pocket watch with a fine silver chain, some reinforced black leather pants, a set of vultite spiked elven leg guards, and some dark leather moccasins.


Little is known about Yardie. His appearance dates to Lumnea of 5120. After a brief stint in Icemule Trace, he appeared in the streets of Wehnimer's Landing, wandering until Wolfloner, his rogue mentor, took Yardie under his tutelage and helped the lost Dark Elf refine his skills and settle into the town. Without a home to call his own, Yardie spent many nights sleeping in the great tree in Town Square Central. He spent a great deal of time in the Landing before several setbacks sent him on his way. Encouraged by his brother, Iskandr, Yardie traveled East to learn the ways of the Vaalorians for himself.

Despite these facts, there are rumors surrounding the Faendryl rogue. According to diviners and a child witness from the east, a Dark Elf fitting Yardie's description was last seen fleeing a bloody demon attack somewhere in the area.

It is also rumored that there is a connection between Yardie and another Faendryl who disappeared from New Ta'Faendryl.


Yardie possesses the following tattoos:

an inked assortment of animals on his shoulder

This tattoo is heavy with white and light blue hues, casting the entire tableau in a haze of freezing mist. Standing side by side, a series of forms are crouched and ready to charge into battle, though the target is lost amongst the frost before them. A white-striped black mongoose is flanked by a white samoyed and a massive grey wolf on either side, each clearly ready to pounce. Low to the ground nearby, a large pale white ridge jackal stalks the mists with keen eyes, his ears perked sharply upward.

an inked crimson crest depicting a crossed quill and rose on his wrist

Sanguinous ink in varying degrees of depth has been used to create this image, though flecks of silver and white are interspersed throughout to give the image a more liquid appearance. A sharp-bladed quill with a flared feather shaft and a tightly-budded rose with curving thorns lie crossed at their midpoints atop a bright crimson pentacle. Every turn in the geometry of the image glistens with beaded crimson liquid, poised to fall.

a pair of silver-inked shackles split in twain by a dagger on his back

An elaborate scene has been inked along the entire back. Taking forefront, a dagger plunges between cuffed hands, capturing the moment when the dagger frees them from their silvery shackles; while in the background, an obsidian tower goes up in crimson-inked flames. Below the tableau in elegant script is written, "Freed."

a tattooed leaping rogue silhouetted against a silver-inked moon on his arm

Centered on the top of the forearm is a wide full moon, its surface inked in various shades of silver and white. Silhouetted against the pale backdrop is the image of a leaping rogue, his shadowy figure stretched forward in a deadly strike, the folds of his cloak billowing behind him. Detailed on the wrist beneath him is a crouched demon with wings outspread, the obvious target of the ambush.

Path to Palestra

While much surrounding the Faendryl remained mysterious, his fear of demons stood at the forefront of his public anxieties. Because of this and other personal fears, he devoted much of his training in preparation for the inevitable, when the demons would return to reap sorrow and havoc upon the lands. While he understood the eventual confrontation, he steered away from the Trials and concentrated on aiding himself and others.

On 21 Eoantos, 5121, Yardie met Blade Arku and his wife Isola. It was the first encounter with an actual Palestra. After speaking to him and learning the ways of the Palestra, Arku offered to teach Yardie and even sponsor him. Yardie took the offer under consideration, hoping that through Arku, he would learn more about combating demons.

When the announcement of the Palestra Trials occurred in Phoenatos, Yardie entered in the hopes of defeating both personal and physical demons. After being in a person's mind due to a ritual scenario involving the demonwall and other demons, Yardie pondered his current fighting prowess. Unsatisfied with his talents, he sought out Arku on Oleasta of 5122, learning as much as possible while preparing his weapons to be effective against demons. Withdrawn and anxious, he kept to himself, lamenting the day his greatest fears would come to pass.

After his performance on the first day of the Trials, Yardie fought Ketsimney but was swiftly defeated. Afterward, he fought the Palestra mentor, Mishrac. Through his talents of shadows and stealth, Yardie bested Mishrac. Finally, the class faced the demon, a vathor. With the aid of his peers, Yardie scored the killing blow against the demon and was one of four who earned the rank of Blade, the highest rank of the Palestra.

Personality & Traits

You are incredibly ill-spoken, and you tend toward dull actions. But you are passably entertaining and loyal to your friends. Tell anyone that I complimented you and you will end up a greasy spot below my spikestar.

Skittish and nervous, Yardie carries himself with a fearful and often paranoid disposition. This nature swells to exaggerated degrees when in contact with sorcerers. He tends to shy away from any semblance of combat and confrontation, using words and conversations to diffuse situations. However, due to his penchant for putting his foot in his mouth, those attempts to quell situations often worsen said confrontations and/or result in offending individuals he encounters. Curious and mercurial, Yardie will often converse with just about anyone, his lack of social skills notwithstanding. His lack of attention to detail also contributes to many of his troubles. He is often secretive and avoids opening up to most individuals. Contrary to the stereotypes of most Faendryl, Yardie rarely exhibits any sense of pride and will toss it aside, as he is often the butt of the joke.

Despite this, Yardie illustrates an uncanny loyalty to his closest friends. This loyalty is best illustrated by his connection between Iskandr Tamarack, the Squire Legionnaire of Vaalor, and Draelor (prime), an Aelotoi. Despite the shaky history between the three races, Yardie considers them his "brothers" and will often voice this publicly, despite whoever may object. While the inner circle of individuals he cares about is small, he would put himself in harm's way for their safety. His intelligence is not geared to books and logic but rather an awareness of combat and survival tactics. It is often mistaken that Yardie's avoidance of combat equates to inability, an error in judgment that he often exploits. A survivalist, Yardie operates on instincts, often trusting his feelings over most logical decisions. Yet, behind the panicky temperament, there are hints of self-awareness concealed underneath the surface.


Speaking determinedly to Lylia, you say, "I will get there someday.  I hope to be the finest rogue in the Enclave when it is all over...along with Nazarr, of course."
Lylia says, "To do less would be a waste and a pity."
Speaking carefully to Lylia, you ask, "Thank you...for...believing...in me?"
Speaking to you, Lylia says, "Of course.  You would not wish to become a disappointment, after all."
Speaking to you, Akenna says, "Not that I have any... weight in this matter, it is yours.  Mister Yardie, who you were in the past, is not who you are now."
Speaking to Talinvor, Ordim complains, "He wouldn't even trade it for the chance to be the hero!"
Speaking to Ordim, you say, "Because I never cared about being a hero."
Speaking to Ordim, you muse, "I just.....do what I can."
Lunaryna says, "Holy shadows.."
Anferis says, "I did not expect that."
Lylia exclaims, "It was Yardie!"
Xorus says, "The panicky phantom strikes again."
Dendum belts out, "Yardie Killed the Demon!"
Nodyre says, "That was unexpected."
Leifa splutters, "How in Imaera's.....?"
Xociral hoarsely says, "Well done.  Well done."
Speaking to Arku, Lunaryna says, "Well chosen, my friend."
Dendum belts out, "Chosen of Zelia!"
Missoni cheerfully says, "Well done."
Xylador leans over and whispers, "Yardie, of the Palestra. Stand."
Xylador leans over and whispers, "Clench your fist, and know your worth."
Speaking gently to Iskandr, Cruxophim opines, "Yardie's braver than most give him credit for.  It's true courage to face your fears at your worst, and not at your best."


Business Ventures

Yardie has started a business that takes nail service and drink mixology to another level. For those interested, visit Nails by Yardie


Yardie by Dendum
Killshot of Yardie vs. Vathor by Mooreaux