Yarrowe Anodheles

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Yarrowe Anodheles was an emperor of the Turamzzyrian Empire. He ruled from before 4966 until after 4969 and before 5054.

It was during the reign of Emperor Yarrowe Anodheles that copper was discovered in the Sea of Fire. Under his order, Yarrowe sent imperial troops into the Sea of Fire to protect the trade caravans that had developed as a result of the discovery. Thus began a conflict between the empire and the Tehir, which lasted until at least 5107, with neither side unable to dislodge the other from the fierce desert. Yarrowe may also be credited for helping the Order of Voln to expand in numbers and influence in the Duchy of Aldora. This came in part as a result of Yarrowe's refusal to allow for the expansion of the Demonwall from Ba’Lathon (the ruins of Toullaire), to help prevent the aggressive attacks of the Horned Cabal.