Ye Old Magick Shoppe

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Ye Old Magick Shoppe is the magic shop in Wehnimer's Landing. It is located in the curious-looking shop on the northernmost block of West Ring Road, next to Twilight Hall.

[Ye Old Magick Shoppe, Lab]
The shop of the ancient archmage Pherantyr seems out of step with the times, or rather timeless in its decor. All the shelves are lined with items gathered from the remote corners of the world, each with an aura of strong magic about it. Near the back, a dark shimmering veil covers what must be a back workroom. You also see a glowing sign and the archmage Pherantyr.


1. A grey stone amulet - 750 silvers
2. A white stone amulet - 2000 silvers
3. An Ilvari luck charm - 5000 silvers
4. Gem Transmutation - 1000 silvers plus you supply one gem.