Yipsy (prime)

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Race Half-elf
Class Thief
Profession Rogue



You see Yipsy the Magpie.
She appears to be a Half-Elf.
She is average height and has a lithesome, nimble build. She appears to be young and untried. She has sleepy grey-green eyes and freckled skin. She has short, tousled copper hair falling in uneven layers into her eyes. She has a generous peppering of freckles across the bridge of her button nose and a crooked gold tooth. She has a pair of faenor discs adorned with some verlok feathers dangling from her ears.
She has a series of tiny golden rings in the ridges of both her ears, some inked text scrawled across her knuckles, and a brightly-inked tattoo of a mottled squid with swirling tentacles writhing down the length of her right arm.
She is wearing a makeshift tapestry cloak, a dried blood-flecked tooth pendant tied to a thin string, a polished crimson bezoar mounted in sinuous gold filigree, a small buckler wreathed in a circle of brightly painted tangle-tailed rats slung over her shoulder, an iron-buckled troll hide harness over a trim suit of iron boar hide brigandine with heavy rolaren buckles with a one-shoulder shirt lightly stained with blood underneath, a pair of linen mummy shroud gloves, some variously sized ivory bangles dangling loosely from both wrists, a large bulging loot sack, a pair of linen breeches gathered and tied well above the knee with colorful silk cords, and some oversized troll skin poulaines.