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Gender male
Race Dwarf
Profession Tinker
Service(s) Lighten
Venue Teras Isle
Status active

Zherkal the Tinker is a merchant from Teras Isle. He appeared in the Foyer of Adventurers' Rest at least once during the year 5119, performing Lightening services on Cloth or Leather items for everyone who came to see him for 25,000 silvers each.


You see Zherkal the Tinker.
He appears to be a Dwarf of the Gulroten Clan.
He is average height.  He appears to be advanced in years.  He has bright sapphire blue eyes and freckled skin.  He has spikey, red hair that sticks out at odd angles.  He has a youthful face, a round nose and a twirled red mustache with a short pointy beard.
He is in good shape.
He is wearing a visored helm topped with a lit candle, a waist-buckled brown leather coat lined with pockets, some brass-buckled suspenders, a burnt umber canvas pack reinforced with veniom stitched leather, a green knit sweater with a white crosshatch pattern, some brown plaid wool trousers, and some comfy wool-lined slippers.


During a break in a session in the year 5119, Zherkal spoke a bit about his clan's history.

Zherkal sorts through the things in his jacket and backpack.
Zherkal says, "One of my clan, many years ago, discovered that the properties of veniom could aid in flight."
Speaking to Zherkal, you ask, "Which Borthuum was that, does ya remember?"
Emislity says, "So great, you're saying we will fly further in OTF when the Griffins take us away."
Zherkal says, "He was working on a large flattened piece of the metal when a brisk wind threatened to take it away from him."
Zherkal nods to you.
Zherkal says, "Zherarkal Gulroten actually."
Emislity says, "Now the griffins can pick us up, easier.  I might have to get some heavier armor."
Zherkal exclaims, "Needless to say he is my biggest inspiration!"
Zherkal looks thoughtfully at Emislity.
Speaking to Emislity, Zherkal says, "Weight can certainly have its benefits."
Zherkal says, "Things that are too light can get away."
Zherkal exclaims, "Zherarkal held on tight to that sheet of veniom the wind was trying to take away and ended up flying across the valley with it!"
Zherkal says, "The called him the "Soaring Dwarf"."
Zherkal put a hearty buttered biscuit in his brown leather coat.
Zherkal put a cup of warm coffee in his brown leather coat.
Zherkal leans forward.
Zherkal says, "Back to it. I know you are all busy."
Lohk says, "I remember he would go on adventures and solve crimes and the sheet of veniom would get him into hijinx every week.
Speaking to Zherkal, you say, "Right honored ta hear some history."