Zul Logoth Salt Exporters

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Zul Logoth Salt Exporters is a food shop in Zul Logoth. It is located in the Chalcedony tunnel to the southeast of town through a white door.

[Zul Logoth Salt Exporters]
Great grey bins of salt line the stone walls of the warehouse. Tucked away in one corner is a small refreshment stand with a cluster of dwarves and other travelers surrounding it. The air here is dry and white salt crystals are tracked everywhere across the floor, even spilling out the wide sliding metal door that leads into the main tunnels. You also see a white door.


Welcome to Zul Logoth Salt Exporters!

Ol' Salty offers his catalog to browse.
Ol' Salty exclaims, "Greetings stranger, have a look around!"

  1. some colorful salted mushroom chips   6. a large salted wheat cracker
  2. some salted roasted peanuts           7. some salted fried potato slivers
  3. a salted strip of boar meat           8. some salted mushroom caps
  4. a small cube of salt                  9. a block of salted veaba meat
  5. some salted miniature pretzels