Acrobat's Leap

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Acrobat's Leap
Mnemonic [leap]
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Roundtime {{{roundtime}}}
Stamina 1 per foot of reach needed. Increases by 1 in chain armor and 2 in plate armor.
Hostile {{{hostile}}}
Offensive Held Gear {{{offensiveheld}}}
Offensive Worn Gear {{{offensiveworn}}}
Defensive Gear {{{defensivegear}}}
Requirements None
Available To Rogues, Monks
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Rank Square
1 3  
5 -

Description: Your acrobatics training taught you to make minor leaps in combat to increase your reach. Mechanics: This is a passive maneuver. Your reach is increased by 1 foot per rank while ambushing or using maneuvers that take the height system into account. Every 30% of encumbrance reduces your reach by 1 foot.

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