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The '''first step''' is to purchase a small iron crucible located at:  [Bloodriven Village, Gloam Pike - 26837]
The '''first step''' is to purchase a small iron crucible located at:  [The Mar and Scar, Threshold - 23801]
The cost is 250 [[bloodscrip]].
The cost is 250 [[bloodscrip]].

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The bloodforge is where you change the material of the MoonShard pendants.

It is located at: [Bloodforge, Workshop - 26091]

The first step is to purchase a small iron crucible located at: [The Mar and Scar, Threshold - 23801]

The cost is 250 bloodscrip.

The second step is to put 5 lumps of <metal> ore into the crucible.

The third step is going to the [Bloodforge, Workshop - 26091] and placing the crucible into the bloodforge.

>l blood
Burning coals fill a depression set into a stone ledge of the forge.  A series of razor sharp blades juts out at the front of the stone hearth.
>put cruc in bloodforge
You place your iron crucible into a small fire pit on the bloodforge, seating it carefully between some burning coals.  The surrounding embers begin to glow a scarlet-crimson, and the chunks of urglaes ore begin to shift around at the bottom of a small iron crucible.
Burning embers within the small pit on the bloodforge flare, and the crucible begins to take on the same hue as the heating coals.
As the iron crucible heats up, yellowish orange threads of light begin to emerge from the base of the dark crucible, twining upwards toward the rim of the small bowl.
The iron crucible continues to heat up, and the yellow-orange hued threads take on a more reddish hue as they weave a web of light on the crucible's exterior.  The lumps of ore within the iron crucible begin to melt.
Snaking eagerly along the crucible, the reddish threads curl over the bowl's rim in search of the bubbling liquid inside.
The iron crucible begins to vibrate between the surrounding coals, and bright crimson flames erupt from the crucible.  Intensely hot metal churns within the bowl.
Shifting from deep crimson to pale yellow, the iron crucible's glow essentially dissipates, but the liquid metal continues to bubble and boil furiously.
Though nearly completely cooled, but still too hot to pick up, the liquid within the iron crucible maintains its boiling point.
The glowing aura fades from the iron crucible, indicating it may be cool enough to pick up.  Wisps of crimson steam rise from the liquid metal and form patterns of swirls that resemble letters.

You feel a tug against your hand toward the bloodforge.

The final step is to touch the bloodforge and pour the crucible on your pendant.

>get cruc
You carefully retrieve your crucible from the bloodforge.

>touch bloodforge
You reach out and jab your hand firmly against a sharp blade at the edge of the bloodforge.  Warm blood begins to seep from your palm and trickles down your fingers, dripping slowly into  the crucible.  As each droplet meets the liquid metal, a quick *hissssss* and a puff of smoke rises from the crucible while swirls of crimson churn within the scalding liquid.
>pour cruc on my pendant
You tip a small iron crucible slowly, its bubbling urglaes sluggisly spilling out onto a moon-filled <metal> pendant.  As the crimson-streaked liquid makes contact, the pendant flashes brightly and begins to absorb the thick fluid, changing the pendant's material from <metal> to <metal>, right before your eyes!

As the last drop of liquid spills from your iron crucible, the small container explodes in your hand!