Brother Aemis' Clerical Supply

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Brother Aemis' Clerical Supply is the cleric shop in Ta'Illistim.

[Brother Aemis' Clerical Supply]
The austere surroundings are softened only by a single tapestry hung on the back wall of the shop. A heavily carved maoral counter rests in front of the tapestry, tended by a tonsured clerk in dark brown robes. The unremitting dullness of the chamber is allieviated only by a birdcage resting atop the counter, within which a bright yellow canary sings cheerfully. You also see Brother Aemis and a carved maoral sign.


Name Price Descrip
1. a silver-inlaid Liabo cameo 4,753 Neckworn, functional
2. a gem-inset Lorminstra tiara 4,753 Headworn, functional
3. a twisted Lornon necklace 4,753 Neckworn, functional
4. a blackened ora Lornon medallion 4,753 Neckworn, functional
5. a candle votive 19
6. a rosewood prayer box 9,506 6lbs, holds 20-39, not worn
7. a pure white tapered candle 3,327
8. an inky-black tapered candle 3,327
9. an iridescent milky potion 11,407
10. a pure cabochon crystal 9,506 Wand, WAVE, Bless
11. a swept-hilt white epee 1,140 3lbs, rapier
12. a sacred cross-hilted dagger 5 <2lbs
13. a bejeweled pure white scimitar 1,140 5lbs
14. a consecrated mithglin blade 142,590 5lbs, broadsword
15. a faenor-hafted pure mace 950 7lbs
16. a white-ora holy water sprinkler 71,295 8lbs, 2x morning star
17. a holy faenor battle axe 20,913 10lbs
18. a white-ora broad axe 71,295 6lbs, handaxe
19. a white-ora holy battle axe 43,252 9lbs

The backroom does not offer any merchandise.