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Lornon is one of four known moons of Elanith, the others being Liabo, Tilaok, and Makiri. Lornon is sometimes called The Dark Moon, not only due to its coloration, but also because of the Arkati that reside there (or used to reside there), which include the "evil" Arkati such as Luukos, V'tull, Eorgina, Mularos, and Sheru. Once per year, at the end of Eorgean, Lornon changes color to a crimson hue for three days. This is known as Lornon's Eve.

Lornon is also sometimes called The Shadow or The Faceless.

Note: In the world of DragonRealms, Lornon is known as Yavash and takes on this crimson hue permanently.

Lornon Arkati

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  • It is said that The Broken Lands is located on Lornon.
  • The surface of Lornon is believed to be covered by a thick grey gas, obscuring the underlying surface of the moon. It is believed that under the surface are icy caverns where the Arkati who lived there once dwelt.