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Enter the Refugees

In 5122 & early 5123 and all across Elanthia, refugees from various catastrophes of the past five to six years started to find resolutions as they settled into new lives and new homes.

On Kraken's Fall, survivors of Caligos found refuge and were supported by a local realtor. Keishya and Xaixse were settled in the Logging Colony, while Tengiz and Meltem were settled on South Arm Rd.

In Icemule Trace, Ngaille and her family formed a shop called a Hint of Krint as they hoped to rebuild a life after fleeing from the Crawling Shores.

In Sylvaerrend, Evenon built a new shop called Forge And Hearth after fleeing from Talador, as did her fellow refugee, Chiralyn, who built Woodland Market.

In the Landing, Sister Filanci, a refugee from Talador's Green Sisters, established Relocated Reverence in the Landing Bizarre, along with another survivor who built Patty's Cakes.

In Solhaven, Fozzeam, a refuge from Talador, opened up a Grocer on Nerite near the pawnshop.

In Kharam Dzu, Cassum opened a cart on Silver and Sapphire. He found his way to the island on the remains of his boat, little more than a wooden plank, as he castaway from Caligos Isle.

In Cysaegir, Fenora opened a grocery store.