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Sands of Remembrance is a storyline that is a continuation of Grenhal's Story from the Nations on the Brink Storyline.

  • In February, ancient merchant Beabuille of the Tehir visited and a discussion took place regarding Grenhal's people. The merchant mentioned that she and Grenhal were friends and she remembered the day that she came to Vornavis. Her people had recently been absorbed by another tribe, but this was many years ago. Grenhal did not wish to be a part of the new tribe and so she ran away to Vornavis where she was taken in by the Vornavian court, eventually becoming the nanny of the children; Athalia and Salnim. Beabuille remembered that she was fond of jerboa; a desert hopping rodent.
  • In March, it is mentioned in the Vornavian Court that Beabuille is looking for some of Grenhal's people out in the Sea of Fire.

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