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Just a quick cut/paste to confirm my edit about flexile critters, it didn't exhibit any other obvious abilities during the fight. OM1E5GA (talk) 16:31, 9 June 2020 (CDT)

R>amb tro head
You swing a dusk blue vultite morning-star at a flexile tomb troll!
  AS: +371 vs DS: +209 with AvD: +28 + d100 roll: +98 = +288
   ... and hit for 82 points of damage!
   Mighty swing separates head from shoulders.
As the tomb troll falls, an incandescent beam lashes out and strikes you!  Scalding steam engulfs you!
You manage to block some of the elemental damage with your steel pavis!
   ... 9 points of damage!
   Excoriating vapors cause chafing of left arm.
A flexile tomb troll blinks in astonishment, then falls flat on her face with a loud *THUD*.
Roundtime: 6 sec.