Cobbler's Delight

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Cobbler's Delight is a cobbling shop in Mist Harbor. It is located in the cobbling warehouse on Cormorant Lane in Eastern Harbor.

[Warehouse, Cobbler's Delight]
White shutters frame an enormous window in the eastern wall, which is covered in stucco and painted a deep emerald green. Complementing the warm glow of the teak floors, a long counter fashioned of linden stretches across the center of the room, creating a physical barrier that separates the shelves filled with wares from the walking space. Baskets arranged along the opposite wall are filled with threads, measuring tapes, thimbles, and other cobbling necessities.


  1. a length of knotted cord          7. some light tanned leather
  2. a short cutting knife             8. some medium tanned leather
  3. a wedge of greyish violet chalk   9. some heavy tanned leather
  4. a small linen pouch               10. a set of braided linen laces
  5. a bolt of canvas                  44. some lush marabou down
  6. a bolt of oilcloth               

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  11. a bolt of ultra-fine chainsil       31. a set of tiny pearl settings
  12. a bolt of saffron chainsil          32. a set of ivory settings
  13. a bolt of cobalt blue chainsil      33. a set of pale sapphire settings
  14. a bolt of Vornavian silk            34. a set of green pearl settings
  15. a bolt of lavender silk             35. a set of blue sea glass settings
  16. a bolt of aubergine silk            36. a set of sunset garnet settings
  17. a bolt of tight-weave linen         37. a set of thunderhead settings
  18. a bolt of misty grey linen          38. a set of cream pearl settings
  19. a bolt of viridian linen            39. a set of scrimshawed settings
  20. a bolt of jewel-sheened organza     40. a set of tortoise shell settings
  21. a bolt of textured organza          41. some shark's teeth
  22. a bolt of chocolate brown organza   42. some parrot feathers
  23. a tanned rainbow snake skin         43. some tattered netting
  24. a prepared shark skin               45. a vial of argent dye
  25. a prepared eel skin                 46. a vial of heather grey dye
  26. a prepared manta ray skin           47. a vial of granite dye
  27. a cured python skin                 48. a vial of tangerine dye
  28. a tanned black tapir pelt           49. a vial of terracotta dye
  29. some prepared plush fur pelts       50. a vial of apricot dye
  30. a tanned sea thrak hide            

Cobbler's Delight, Spring

  1. some enamel cherry blossoms              24. a glossy pale beige mekret
  2. some burnished gold spikes               25. an ovoid of monsoon jasper
  3. some eyelet lace                         26. a nodule of peacock jasper
  4. some braided suede                       27. a freshwater baroque pearl
  5. a pair of bronze plates                  28. a glossy sable mekret
  6. a pair of kelyn plates                   29. a piece of smoky white jade
  7. a set of mauve velvet ribbons            30. a dark turquoise stone
  8. a set of pale chainsil ribbons           31. a piece of smoky blue topaz
  9. a set of thin copper chains              32. a piece of green-veined marble
  10. a piece of silver-gilt rope             33. a wine-dark garnet
  11. a set of glazed alder square settings   34. a piece of muted red amber
  12. a set of jewel cabochon settings        35. a hematite disk
  13. a set of carved onyx rose settings      36. an onyx thorn
  14. a set of jade coil settings             37. a vial of smoky scarlet dye
  15. a piece of round-scaled glass           38. a vial of beige-pink dye
  16. a block of lacewood                     39. a vial of obsidian dye
  17. a block of willow                       40. a vial of lavender-grey dye
  18. a block of ebonwood                     41. a vial of burgundy dye
  19. a roll of floral jacquard               42. a vial of pale vanilla dye
  20. a bolt of hand-tatted lace              43. a vial of smoke-colored dye
  21. a roll of sea silk                      44. a vial of pearlescent dye
  22. a length of silk velvet                 45. a square of quilted satin
  23. a roll of tweed                         46. a square of fringed silk

Cobbler's Delight, Summer

  1. a set of jewel mosaic settings       24. a pale gold firefly saewehna
  2. a set of pink spinel rose settings   25. an iridescent azure butterfly saewehna
  3. a set of mother-of-pearl settings    26. a purple stormcloud diamond
  4. a set of waterweb settings           27. a twisted nacreous blue waterweb
  5. a set of blue satin laces            28. a pale mistvein sapphire
  6. a set of grass green cords           29. a purple black thunderhead opal
  7. a set of yellow silk ribbons         30. a teardrop of green amber
  8. a set of doeskin laces               31. an ovoid of lunar jasper
  9. a pair of faenor plates              32. a cluster of pink roestone
  10. a pair of mithril plates            33. an Alhan'aht rivertear
  11. a bolt of dupioni silk              34. an irregular cluster of blue quartz
  12. a bolt of raw silk                  35. a mist blue sea glass disk
  13. a square of sleek calfskin          36. a fossilized sponge
  14. a bolt of satin                     37. a square of flyrsilk
  15. a bolt of spun cotton               38. a square of silk
  16. a bolt of watered silk              39. a vial of rich lilac dye
  17. some ramie silk                     40. a vial of dusky rose dye
  18. some chainsil                       41. a vial of aquamarine dye
  19. some laje ladybugs                  42. a vial of honey dye
  20. some gold fireflies                 43. a vial of sky blue dye
  21. a block of balsa                    44. a vial of sunny yellow dye
  22. a piece of sea glass                45. a vial of raspberry dye
  23. a block of mistwood                 46. a vial of blackberry dye

Cobbler's Delight, Fall

  1. some golden suns                       24. a chalky cube of feldspar
  2. some jewel-toned leaves                25. a round amber sea glass disk
  3. some spidersilk                        26. an oblong piece of nephrite
  4. some silk                              27. a dark purple sunset garnet
  5. a pair of invar plates                 28. a cluster of yellow roestone
  6. a pair of laje plates                  29. an ovoid of leopard jasper
  7. a set of soft suede laces              30. a glossy sable mekret
  8. a set of braided leather laces         31. a crystal of shadowy wraithaline
  9. a set of chocolate silk laces          32. a midnight blue pearl
  10. a set of cream satin ribbons          33. a scarlet smoldereye
  11. a set of indigo star settings         34. a shifting multihued auboraline
  12. a set of autumn leaf settings         35. a bright orange butterfly saewehna
  13. a set of green pearl apple settings   36. a jewel-toned dragonfly saewehna
  14. a piece of faceted crystal            37. a square of soft sheepskin
  15. a length of natural linen             38. a square of suede
  16. a bolt of soft cameline               39. a vial of sunset orange dye
  17. a bolt of paeline                     40. a vial of cherry red dye
  18. a bolt of soft velvet                 41. a vial of lemon dye
  19. a roll of glossy taffeta              42. a vial of inky blue dye
  20. a slat of cherrywood                  43. a vial of apple green dye
  21. a block of mistwood                   44. a vial of almond dye
  22. a block of rosewood                   45. a vial of cream dye
  23. a set of honey amber shard settings   46. a vial of rose pink dye

Cobbler's Delight, Winter 

  1. a length of morduska hide             24. a silvery mint green moth saewehna
  2. a length of soft doeskin              25. a russet and cream moth saewehna
  3. a bolt of ridgeweaver silk            26. an unfaceted mistvein diamond
  4. a length of suede shearling           27. an inky blue smoldereye
  5. a block of ebonwood                   28. a frosty pale violet pearl
  6. a set of silver snowflake settings    29. a crystal of silvery wraithaline
  7. a set of silver iceblossom settings   30. some polished dark blue amber
  8. a set of blue frost flower settings   31. a cone of ember jasper
  9. a set of ruby rose settings           32. a cluster of red roestone
  10. a set of gold suede laces            33. a shimmering nodule of marcasite
  11. a set of green satin cords           34. a mirrored orb of hematite
  12. a set of red velvet ribbons          35. a hazy red sea glass disk
  13. a set of silver satin laces          36. a piece of snowflake obsidian
  14. a pair of glass plates               37. a square of brocade
  15. a pair of vaalin plates              38. a square of velvet
  16. some silver snowflakes               39. a vial of burnished gold dye
  17. some vaalin snowflakes               40. a vial of sparkly silver dye
  18. some soft sheepskin                  41. a vial of pine green dye
  19. some velvet                          42. a vial of cranberry red dye
  20. a roll of brushed wool               43. a vial of winter white dye
  21. a piece of frosted glass             44. a vial of silvery white dye
  22. a block of tigerwood                 45. a vial of icy blue dye
  23. a piece of sparkling crystal         46. a vial of chocolate dye

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