Cobbler's Delight

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Cobbler's Delight is a cobbling shop in Mist Harbor. It is located in the cobbling warehouse on Cormorant Lane in Eastern Harbor.

[Warehouse, Cobbler's Delight]
White shutters frame an enormous window in the eastern wall, which is covered in stucco and painted a deep emerald green. Complementing the warm glow of the teak floors, a long counter fashioned of linden stretches across the center of the room, creating a physical barrier that separates the shelves filled with wares from the walking space. Baskets arranged along the opposite wall are filled with threads, measuring tapes, thimbles, and other cobbling necessities.


  1. a length of knotted cord          7. some light tanned leather
  2. a short cutting knife             8. some medium tanned leather
  3. a wedge of greyish violet chalk   9. some heavy tanned leather
  4. a small linen pouch               10. a set of braided linen laces
  5. a bolt of canvas                  44. some lush marabou down
  6. a bolt of oilcloth               

  Backroom Catalog
  11. a bolt of ultra-fine chainsil       31. a set of tiny pearl settings
  12. a bolt of saffron chainsil          32. a set of ivory settings
  13. a bolt of cobalt blue chainsil      33. a set of pale sapphire settings
  14. a bolt of Vornavian silk            34. a set of green pearl settings
  15. a bolt of lavender silk             35. a set of blue sea glass settings
  16. a bolt of aubergine silk            36. a set of sunset garnet settings
  17. a bolt of tight-weave linen         37. a set of thunderhead settings
  18. a bolt of misty grey linen          38. a set of cream pearl settings
  19. a bolt of viridian linen            39. a set of scrimshawed settings
  20. a bolt of jewel-sheened organza     40. a set of tortoise shell settings
  21. a bolt of textured organza          41. some shark's teeth
  22. a bolt of chocolate brown organza   42. some parrot feathers
  23. a tanned rainbow snake skin         43. some tattered netting
  24. a prepared shark skin               45. a vial of argent dye
  25. a prepared eel skin                 46. a vial of heather grey dye
  26. a prepared manta ray skin           47. a vial of granite dye
  27. a cured python skin                 48. a vial of tangerine dye
  28. a tanned black tapir pelt           49. a vial of terracotta dye
  29. some prepared plush fur pelts       50. a vial of apricot dye
  30. a tanned sea thrak hide