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Category: Wizards
Topic: Wizard Spells
Message #: 2890
Author: GS4-ESTILD
Date: 09/09/2016 12:11 PM EDT
Subject: Core Tap (950)

Core Tap (950) has now been released and is a new capstone Wizard spell available to wizards. It allows the caster to specify up to 6 spells to instantly cast at all creatures in the room, up to the wizard's target cap of 5 + (EMC Skill / 50). It has a base 1 minute cooldown. It can be used to cast any spell (including defensive spells (if you were so inclined while in town), AoE spells, and single target spells). AoE spells are only cast once, not at each creature in the room. Training in Elemental Lore, Fire increases the caster's AS/CS when using 950 (seed 10 with a 6 multiplier (this isn't the same as 6 * seed 10. It's similar but allows more steps between lore ranks). e,g, 50 ranks is +25 AS, 100 ranks is +45 AS, etc. +CS value is 3/5 of the AS value). Training in Elemental Lore, Earth allows more uses while on cooldown (at 60, 135, and 210 ranks). Training in Elemental Lore, Air allows for a chance to channel the spells cast (without having to be in offensive stance or receiving the RT) using a seed 1 summation with a 5 multiplier, such that 50 ranks it's 47% chance, at 100 ranks, it's 68%, etc. For each of the spells, the wizard does have to pay a mana cost, but since they're spending 50 mana to cast 950 itself, the first 50 mana worth of spells is free. For single target spells, they pay 2x the base mana cost total, not per cast. So if they used 950 to cast 910 once at each target, it would calculate the mana cost for 910 to be 20 mana, but they start with 50 free mana, so pay nothing additional. AoE spells cost just the 1x mana cost to normally cast the spell. Training in Elemental Lore, Water allows for more free mana to fuel spells (also using seed 10 summation with a 6 multiplier). To cast the spell, the wizard simply specifies the list of spells they want to cast after CAST <target> or INCANT 950. e.g. 'INCANT 950 912 410 907 908 510 910', which would cast Call Wind (912) once, Elemental Wave (410) once, then Major Cold (907), Major Fire (908), Hurl Boulder (510), and Major Shock (910) at every creature in the room (up to the caster's target limit). All of these spells are cast instantly and in the specified order. The mana cost for the above example would be 12 + 10 + 14 + 16 + 20 + 20 - 50 (offset from 950 itself) = 42 mana, plus 50 from 950 itself, so 92 mana total. It's a costly but powerful spell and wizards can customize it by using specific spells to lower the mana cost or achieve certain setups. Once 950 is cast once, it will remember what spells the caster used and subsequent casts can forego the list to just recast the same spells (e.g. after using 'INCANT 950 912 410 907 908 510 910' once, the caster can just 'INCANT 950' in the future to always recast the same spells again).

Credit to goes GameMaster Konacon for working on the code for this release.