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There are three types of experience boosts accessed through the BOOST verb.

Doubled Experience Boost

A Doubled Experience Boost adds the base experience absorbed to the current experience absorption for 15 minutes. When a character is not on Gift of Lumnis or under the effect of a roleplaying award, experience is simply doubled. Otherwise, the effects are additive with other experience multipliers (2× Gift and 2× booster is 3× total—not 4×); that is, they both multiply the base experience, but not other multipliers.

Experience boosts are granted on the 30th day of Login Rewards (6 for paying subscribers, 2 for F2P).

Long-Term Experience Boost

Main article: Long-term experience pool

Long-term Experience Boosts can be earned by characters level 20 and up on paid accounts only after they have killed an experience-granting creature (no more than nine levels lower than the character). Using this boost immediately deducts 500 experience points from the field experience pool and adds 250 experience points to the long-term experience pool.

Qualifying characters can earn up to two (2) long-term experience boosts per day via random drops upon LOOTing creatures that they are eligible to earn experience from. These drops are weighted to occur within the first 50 LOOT drops per character per day.

Even if the character is not logged in every day to hunt, it can still earn a lesser number of long-term boosts. A free "away" boost is granted upon the next login once every three (3) days that the characters does not earn a long-term boost (the days need not be consecutive).

Lesser Experience Pass (F2P Only)

Lesser Experience Passes remove the F2P experience absorption penalty for characters up to level 50, and partially mitigate the penalty for higher levels. This allows F2P characters to absorb field experience at the same base rate as a paid character; no extra experience is granted.

F2P characters earn a one hour Lesser Experience Pass on the 10th day of Login Rewards.