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Login Rewards were implemented in October 2015 to provide an incentive to log in on a daily basis.

Characters that log in every day receive an escalating series of rewards for each consecutive day that they login, up to a maximum of 30 consecutive logins. If a 30-day login streak is achieved, the character is awarded the capstone reward and restarts a new streak at day 1 on their next login.

Rewards are attuned to the character that earned them and cannot be transferred between characters. Rewards can be redeemed in-game at a time of the player's choosing via the BOOST command. Unredeemed rewards do not expire and can accumulate over time. Characters on paid subscription accounts do not have any limits on the number unredeemed awards that they can stockpile, but characters on F2P accounts have limits on the number of unredeemed rewards they can stockpile.

Each day starts at 00:00 (midnight ET), in-game time (accessible via the TIME command). To be counted as having logged in for any given day, a character must be logged in between 00:00 and 23:59 in-game time during that day. An in-game message will appear upon login and at midnight when the login is counted and the character is awarded the reward for that day. The login streak will increase by 1 on each consecutive day. If a day is missed, the login streak is set back to day 1. This can be mitigated with Login Bridges

Login streaks are tracked per character, not per account. If an account has multiple characters, each character must all be logged in individually as desired.

Daily Rewards

See here for F2P rewards only.
1 500 Fame
2 1 random magical crystal (blue/white/black).
3 2 Minor Loot Boosts (1 for F2P). Small boost on LOOT rolls for 15 minutes.
4 2 Temporary Urchin Guide access (1 for F2P). Access to the URCHIN guides for 15 minutes.
5 2 Bounty Boosts (1 for F2P). Reduces all bounty wait times (to a nominal few seconds) until the character shares a task or successfully completes it. (max 1 hour).
6 2 Enhancive Boosts (1 for F2P). This is the player's choice of either 5 enhancive pauses, or 15 minutes of +5 to all Base Stat Bonuses, or 15 minutes of +15 to Stamina and Mana Regen.
7 2 uses of the Urchin Runners (1 for F2P). Allows characters to use the remote BANK and LOCKER access commands. Comes with a free 15 minutes of LOCKER MANIFEST access.
8 2 Encumbrance Boosts (1 for F2P). Minus 50 lbs to effective encumbrance for 15 minutes.
9 2 Guild Boosts (1 for F2P). This is the player's choice of either doubled TPs earned for each profession guild task or another use of the Bounty Boosts.
10 1 Instant Mind Clearer (60 minute Exp Pass for F2P). Instantly moves 1000 current field exp into their absorbed exp pool. It does not apply any RPA, XXX, or other modifiers to this amount. F2P characters instead get a Lesser Experience Pass.
11 4 hours of Bounty Waivers (2 for F2P). Allows the character to choose one Adventurer Guild task type (Forage Herbs, Escort NPC, etc) that they do not want to get assigned for the duration.
12 2 Major Loot Boosts (1 for F2P). Larger boost on LOOT rolls. Minor and Major Loot Boosts don't stack with one another.
13 1 Login Bridge.
14 3 Minor Loot Boosts (1 for F2P).
15 5 Bounty Boosts (1 for F2P).
16 3 Enhancive Boosts. (1 for F2P)
17 5 uses of the Urchin Runners (2 for F2P).
18 3 Encumbrance Boosts (1 for F2P).
19 3 Guild Boosts (1 for F2P).
20 3 Instant Mind Clearers (1 for F2P).
21 2 Deathsting Reducers (1 for F2P). This reduces deathsting penalties by 1 priestess potion sip per use.
22 8 hours of Bounty Waivers (2 for F2P).
23 3 Major Loot Boosts (1 for F2P).
24 1 Login Bridge
25 5 Item Superchargers (2 for F2P). When activated, any standard flaring gear that the character uses will flare more often, any weighted/padded/sighted gear will gain bonus additional weighting/padding/sighting, and any item's enchantment bonus will provide an extra 50% bonus to AS/DS for 15 minutes.
26 5 Luck Boosters (2 for F2P). When activated, all standard offensive combat rolls made by the character will reroll d100 results of 10 or less (keeping the new number if it is higher) for 15 minutes.
27 1 Realms Booster. This is the player's choice of 1 use of inter-realm BANK TRANSFER or an attuned Chronomage orb. F2P character receive three day society pass instead.
28 6 Major Loot Boosts (2 for F2P).
29 1 Gift of the Gods. F2P characters can only select the Gift of Lorminstra.
6 Doubled Experience Boosters (1 for F2P). Double experience absorption for 15 minutes.
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BOOST (verb)


  BOOST [option] {args}

   INFO                     - View your currently available boosts.
   BRIDGE MIN  [#]          - Set the minimum login streak to achieve before using a login bridge.
   BRIDGE MAX  [#]          - Set the maximum number of bridges to use at a time.

   CRYSTAL                  - Redeem a random magical crystal that is attuned to you.
   LOOT [MINOR|MAJOR]       - Add a boost to your LOOT rolls for 15 minutes.
   ENHANCIVE PAUSE          - Redeem 5 Enhancive Pauses.
   ENHANCIVE STATS          - Enhance all your stats for 15 minutes.
   ENHANCIVE RECOVERY       - Enhance your stamina and mana regeneration for 15 minutes.
   GUIDES                   - Gain access to the Urchin Guide system for 15 minutes.
   BOUNTY                   - Significantly reduce the wait time between Adventurer's Guild tasks.
                              This lasts for 1 hour or until you complete or share a task.
   RUNNERS                  - Gain one use of the LOCKER/BANK runners.
                              This includes 15 minutes of temporary LOCKER MANIFEST access.
   ENCUMBRANCE              - Reduce your effective encumbrance level by 50 lbs for 15 minutes.
   GUILD PROFESSION         - Double your Training Point awards when completing profession guild tasks.
                              This lasts for 15 minutes.
   GUILD BOUNTY             - Expend your Guild boost to gain one additional Bounty Boost.
   ABSORB                   - Instantly absorb up to 1000 points of field experience.
   DEATHSTING               - Instantly reduce some of your current death's sting penalty.
   WAIVER                   - Waive your choice of Adventurer's Guild task type from being assigned to you.
   SUPERCHARGE              - Supercharge your combat items for 15 minutes.
   LUCK                     - Enhance your luck for 15 minutes.
   REALMS CHRONOMAGE [TOWN] - Gain a Chronomage orb to a destination of your choice.
   REALMS SILVER            - Gain a bank-to-bank silver transfer.
   GIFT LUMNIS              - Gain one use of LUMNIS SCHEDULE.
   GIFT OLEANI              - Remove 60 converted Training Points from your 30-day skill migration cycle.
   GIFT EONAK               - Gain an advantage on crafting skill rolls for 15 minutes.
   GIFT LORMINSTRA          - Gain 10 deeds.
   EXPERIENCE               - Double your experience absorption for the next 15 minutes.
   LONGTERM                 - Transfer up to 500 points of field experience to long-term experience.

BOOST LONGTERM NOTE: Using this boost immediately deducts 500 experience points from the field experience pool and adds 250 experience points to the long-term experience pool. (If the character has less than 500 experience points in their field experience pool at time of use, then field experience will be set to 0 and long-term experience will then increase by half that number.)


>boost info

:Character:, your Login Rewards information is as follows:
Current Login Streak:           :X: days
Login Bridges Earned:           :X:
Minimum Days before use:        No minimum
Maximum to use at once:         :X:
Random Magical Crystals:        :X:
Minor Loot Boosts:              :X:
Major Loot Boosts:              :X:
Enhancive Boosts:               :X:
Urchin Guide Access:            :X:  
Bounty Boosts:                  :X:   
Urchin Runner Uses:             :X:  
Encumbrance Boosts:             :X:  
Guild Boosts:                   :X:   
Instant Mind Clearers:          :X:   
Death's Sting Reducers:         :X:  
Bounty Task Waivers:            :X: 
Item Superchargers:             :X:  
Luck Boosters:                  :X:  
Realms Boosts:                  :X:  
Gifts of the Gods:              :X:   
Doubled Experience Boosts:      :X:
Long-Term Experience Boosts:    :X:
Treasure Passes:                :X:
Adventure Boosts:               :X:
Casting Passes:                 :X:
Receiving Passes:               :X:
Foraging Passes:                :X:
Inventory Passes:               :X:   

Login Bridge

Main article: Login bridge

Login bridges allow a player to miss logging in for one or more days, but still keep a character's login streak intact. In order to make use of login bridges, players must use the BOOST BRIDGE MIN command to specify the minimum login streak that they are willing to spend a login bridge to maintain, and the BOOST BRIDGE MAX command to specify the maximum number of login bridges they are willing to expend at a single time.

These settings must be set before a login streak is interrupted, not after. The default BOOST BRIDGE MAX setting is 0; that is, to never use a login bridge.

Login bridges are also available in the SimuCoins Store for 250 SCs for a pack of 5, and are available in-game as a stability contract, which is sometimes a minor prize at paid events.

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