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Type System
System Login Rewards

BOOST is used to access the Login Rewards system.


Note: This menu is available when using BOOST alone or as BOOST HELP.

  BOOST [option] {args}

   INFO                     - View your currently available boosts.
   BRIDGE MIN  [#]          - Set the minimum login streak to achieve before using a login bridge.
   BRIDGE MAX  [#]          - Set the maximum number of bridges to use at a time.

   CRYSTAL                  - Redeem a random magical crystal that is attuned to you.
   LOOT [MINOR|MAJOR]       - Add a boost to your LOOT rolls for 15 minutes.
   ENHANCIVE PAUSE          - Redeem 5 Enhancive Pauses.
   ENHANCIVE STATS          - Enhance all your stats for 15 minutes.
   ENHANCIVE RECOVERY       - Enhance your stamina and mana regeneration for 15 minutes.
   GUIDES                   - Gain access to the Urchin Guide system for 15 minutes.
   BOUNTY                   - Significantly reduce the wait time between Adventurer's Guild tasks.
                              This lasts for 1 hour or until you complete or share a task.
   RUNNERS                  - Gain one use of the LOCKER/BANK runners.
                              This includes 15 minutes of temporary LOCKER MANIFEST access.
   ENCUMBRANCE              - Reduce your effective encumbrance level by 50 lbs for 15 minutes.
   GUILD PROFESSION         - Double your Training Point awards when completing profession guild tasks.
                              This lasts for 15 minutes.
   GUILD BOUNTY             - Expend your Guild boost to gain one additional Bounty Boost.
   ABSORB                   - Instantly absorb up to 1000 points of field experience.
   DEATHSTING               - Instantly reduce some of your current death's sting penalty.
   WAIVER                   - Waive your choice of Adventurer's Guild task type from being assigned to you.
   SUPERCHARGE              - Supercharge your combat items for 15 minutes.
   LUCK                     - Enhance your luck for 15 minutes.
   REALMS CHRONOMAGE [TOWN] - Gain a Chronomage orb to a destination of your choice.
   REALMS SILVER            - Gain a bank-to-bank silver transfer.
   GIFT LUMNIS              - Gain one use of LUMNIS SCHEDULE.
   GIFT OLEANI              - Remove 60 converted Training Points from your 30-day skill migration cycle.
   GIFT EONAK               - Gain an advantage on crafting skill rolls for 15 minutes.
   GIFT LORMINSTRA          - Gain 10 deeds.
   EXPERIENCE               - Double your experience absorption for the next 15 minutes.
   LONGTERM                 - Transfer up to 500 points of field experience to long-term experience.



BOOST INFO is used to display the current login streak, as well as balances for each reward.

XXX, your Login Rewards information is as follows:

Current Login Streak:           # days
Login Bridges Earned:           #
Minimum Days before use:        No minimum
Maximum to use at once:         #

Random Magical Crystals:        #
Minor Loot Boosts:              #
Major Loot Boosts:              #
Enhancive Boosts:               #
Urchin Guide Access:            #  
Bounty Boosts:                  #   
Urchin Runner Uses:             #  
Encumbrance Boosts:             #  
Guild Boosts:                   #   
Instant Mind Clearers:          #   
Death's Sting Reducers:         #  
Bounty Task Waivers:            # 
Item Superchargers:             #  
Luck Boosters:                  #  
Realms Boosts:                  #  
Gifts of the Gods:              #   
Doubled Experience Boosts:      #
Long-Term Experience Boosts:    #
Treasure Passes:                #
Adventure Boosts:               #
Casting Passes:                 #
Receiving Passes:               #
Foraging Passes:                #
Inventory Passes:               #   

Note: Using BOOST LONGTERM immediately deducts 500 experience points from the field experience pool and adds 250 experience points to the long-term experience pool. (If the character has less than 500 experience points in their field experience pool at time of use, then field experience will be set to 0 and long-term experience will then increase by half that number.)

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