Finders-Sellers Pawnshop

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Finders-Sellers Pawnshop is the only pawnshop in the Northern Caravansary, near the Foothills of Upper Trollfang. This shop is housed in a tented wagon located in the southwest of the Caravansary, on Wagon Row between the Furrier and the Tavern. This pawnshop only buys merchandise. It is run by Brenteera Zule.

Main Room

[Finders-Sellers Pawnshop] RNUM: 9272
Wooden bins are lined up along the canvas partition behind Brenteera Zule's counter. Silvers paid out come from a small chest resting in her lap, and each item pawned gets tossed into the appropriate bin without her eyes leaving the counter in front of her. You also see the pawnbroker Brenteera.
Obvious exits: out


Description of pawnshop from Wagon Row:
Numerous tarps, stretched from the side of the merchant wagon and pegged to the turf, make this look less like a wagon and more like a tent grown wild.  Stairs emerge from beneath a low, canvas awning.

>look at brenteera
This tidy middle-aged woman is dressed sensibly, there is no other way to put it.  Her hair is pulled back into a tight efficient bun at the nape of her neck.  Her shoes are sturdy and brown and tidily kept.  Her dress is of a once-pretty and now slightly faded gingham, a perfect workdress.

Ambient Messaging

"Look around, you'll find excellent prices on only slightly used merchandise, my friends," Brenteera smiles.  "I buy only the best."

A caravan beasthandler enters the wagon and digs through a bin of blankets and sheets.  Looking pleased with what must be the two most ragged and stained blankets in the lot, he haggles with Brenteera, pays a few silvers for his find and leaves the shop smiling.

A loud crash comes from the back of the wagon, and Brenteera shouts impatiently, "Nitwit!  You've probably dented that armor!"

Brenteera fishes an errant wand out of a bin and exclaims to herself,"That's not the magic bin!"

Brenteera rubs her temples slightly as she counts the coins in her chest and jots the number down in a tiny book on the counter.

Brenteera smiles tiredly at her clients as she peruses the new inventory they have brought her.

Stooping over a deep crate of merchandise, Brenteera smoothes falling strands of hair back into her bun.  "Aha, I knew I remembered seeing this...," she says as she pulls out a nondescript scarf and drops it onto the counter.