Fusion Shaman

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The Fusion Shaman is the NPC that creates enhancive fusion orbs to be inserted into fusion gear. The Shaman usually appears at pay events like Ebon Gate or Return to Coraesine Field, but also might appear at festivals like The Spitfire.

The Shaman also lives permanently aboard The Firebird airship (map) in Spheres and Steel (pull the lever), where his services can be used once per month per account and the prices are marked up.

The Shaman will create fusion orbs from enhancive items. Only one enhancive property may be extracted at a time, and the original item will be destroyed. Only specific properties may be extracted: Edible, drinkable and spell knowledge enhancives may not be extracted, as well as enhancives with certain scripts and certain restrictions. Crumbly enhancives may be extracted and the resulting orb will be non-crumbly. Enhancives with ‘global’ and ‘local’ restrictions may not be extracted, but this limit does not affect most items currently in the game. Global restrictions are those which affect the item as a whole and all of its enhancements, while local restrictions affect single traits.

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