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The Firebird was introduced in 5115 (2015) as a merchant ship and place to battle Spirit Beasts. These battles take place in Talondown Arena.

The Firebird was lost and presumed destroyed in late 5121, please be sure to check Spirit Beasts for the most up-to-date information regarding that system

The Firebird frequently travels from place to place, and may take off at any time, taking any passengers with it. The ship will send three signals before it takes off, and transport spells and society abilities can be used to escape should the ship embark with passengers aboard.

The Firebird Landing Locations

  • Icemule Trace - Outside North Gate NE
  • Pinefar - One south, one southeast of Pinefar Preserve neighborhood (Lich #2771)
  • River's Rest (Torre) - River Road, Drawbridge (Lich #10840)
  • Solhaven - Outside Falcon's Nest (private home) (Lich #1536)
  • Teras - Silver and Sapphire, one south of Terasian Seating Emporium (Lich #1865)
  • Ta'Vaalor - West end of Shimaraern Var, outside the locksmith shop (Lich #3502)
  • Wehnimer's Landing - One east of North Gate, outside town (Lich #411)
  • Sea of Fire - Kanchoco Cave side of the ramp (Lich #25144)

The Firebird's Present Locations

  • Icemule Trace - One east of South Gate (Lich #3055) (open for spirit beast purchases)
  • River's Rest - Not present at above location
  • Solhaven - Not present at above location
  • Wehnimer's Landing - One east of North Gate (Lich #411) (CLOSED)


NOTE: The passage from Talondown Arena will lead back to the originating town portal if you did not enter from The Firebird. Firebird.png


A gleaming fireleaf airship

The hull of the airship is adorned in red brass and gold leaf, and ambient light flickers off of the filigree metal like tiny sparks of flame. A massive phoenix figurehead stares defiantly out from the prow over a windowed lounge at the ship's fore. Sharp tongues of fire are etched into the hull around a gangway in the port side.



Covenants Kept

Arkati symbols - 35k each

White Room

On the white velvet you see:

a green-flecked seaglass Charl symbol
a gold-dappled sapphire Tonis symbol
a gilt-traced red spinel Cholen symbol
a hammered copper Eonak symbol
a silvery crystal Jastev symbol
a blood red ruby Oleani symbol
a riveted silver Kai symbol
a gilded sunstone Phoen symbol
an unhewn jadeite Imaera symbol
an antiqued gold Lorminstra symbol
a silver-edged black opal Ronan symbol
a rainbow agate Lumnis symbol
a gold and ivory Koar symbol
Grey Room

On the grey velvet you see:

a jagged mithril Huntress symbol
a shaded white jade Aeia symbol
a burnished golden Kuon symbol
a yellowed moonstone Zelia symbol
a murky amethyst Laethe symbol
a clouded garnet Voaris symbol
a speckled diopside Jaston symbol
a white-veined malachite Gosaena symbol
a wavy aquamarine Niima symbol
a pale blue tourmaline Leya symbol
a copper-traced turquoise Tilamaire symbol
a black-lacquered ora Voln symbol
a silver-traced emerald L'Naere symbol
Black Room

On the black velvet you see:

a cabochon honey beryl Fash'lo'nae symbol
a blackened steel Eorgina symbol
an occluded amber Sheru symbol
a sinuous chrysoberyl Luukos symbol
a red-lacquered vultite V'tull symbol
a flawed alexandrite Mularos symbol
a variegated peridot Ivas symbol
a warped black stone Marlu symbol
an etched tiger's eye Andelas symbol
a scarlet-cored onyx Arachne symbol
a spiraled bloodstone Amasalen symbol
a bleached bone Onar symbol

Marks of the Beast

Blank Spirit Beast talismans - 25k each

In the flowstone bowl you see a small copper pendant, a small silver pendant, and a small brass pendant.

>l pend
You see nothing unusual.

On the widowwood rack you see:

Item Info Price
a small crystal vial blood vial, goes on syringe 1k
a thin silver syringe holds vial, use to collect blood 15k
a twisted glass flacon (black) clear enhancives 60k
a spiraled glass flacon (violet) insight 45k
a beveled glass flacon (indigo) power 45k
a warped glass flacon (emerald) defense 45k
a clouded glass flacon (gold) speed 45k
an etched glass flacon (mauve) accuracy 45k
a frosted glass flacon (crimson) health 45k

As of 2020, there do not appear to be any flacons for sale in Marks of the Beats--only the three talismans, the vial, and the syringe.

Sold Souls

Replacement beasts, 250k per


>look at ampoule
There is a spectral bobcat floating within a bas-relief bobcat ampoule. POURing this ampoule on a suitable Spirit Beast talisman will replace the spirit within with the bobcat's essence, provided that the beast it is used upon is of like rarity.

On the ebony stand you see:

A bas-relief {beast} ampoule
aardvark alleycat bat bobcat capuchin monkey
chimera cinder wasp daggerbeak fanged rodent fenghai
fire elemental fox glacei goblin great tortoise
griffin hawk hound hyena jackal
kiramon kobold krolvin krynch lobster
manticore mare moulis sapling pale crab penguin
pirate pony rat roa'ter rolton
seagull seeker shan silverback orc snapping turtle
snowy owl stallion striped snowcat thrak thyril
timber wolf tsark urgh vereri water elemental
whelk wind wraith wolfshade wolverine yeti

See Spirit Beast stats for beast-specific stats.

Spheres and Steel

Closed since mid-May 2015