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Geijon as rendered by Tisket
Geijon Khyree
Race Giantman
Culture T'Kirem Bear Clan
Profession Warrior
Religion Kai
Affiliation(s) Order of the Silver Gryphon and Rising Phoenix
Spouse Evialla


Early years (Spring 5094)

Geijon came to the landing in search of his father Gaq and his elven uncle Yeesiouler. Geijon was named after his uncle Geion who died fighting a troll tribe the past winter. They were from a giantkin tribe in the Dragonspine Mountains. Geijon had found his way into the Landing in early spring or summer of 5094 or 5095, but due to his learning and borderline illiteracy the date has become vague. He was skilled as a warrior owing to his upbringing and tribe, but due to age he was observant and spent a great deal of time in the Town Square absorbing the culture and differences from tribe life. This led to a lot of discussions around the well and the gradual adoption of a kind of orphan culture the Landing had at the time that included a significant amount of similarly affected youths. Mother and Father Rumbleskin then brothers and sisters Avantos, Morandas, and Evia to name a few of the sprawling numbers.

His closest friends became Cryheart, Evia and Sporati as they would delve into the catacombs to fight rats then out to the gates beyond to fight Kobolds, Hobgoblins and eventually the graveyard undead where Gaq would reconnect with Geijon and introduce him to Aonghus and Cudjo of the House of the Rising Phoenix within the courtyard of the Order of Voln.

Geijon jumped into the mission of releasing the undead for the Order of Voln. Similarly he was trying to understand the differences of Unlife within his House structure in how it was a demonic force that created the Undead. Much of the graveyard writings and the tomb had inscriptions as he delved into the The Graveyard with Thrudh and Zyanna. The Order had been teaching a form of martial arts most called Voln Fu along with a broadsword and shield on a day to day basis. He slowly started reading based on a need to understand magic and the inscriptions in the graveyard and books in the House Phoenix library. He dedicated his life to fighting the Undead and traveled accordingly to their known locations either for exploration or to deliver their spirits to peaceful rest.

Then the "First Griffin Sword" broke out..

Steps (5096-5098)

Several significant events happened during these years. Geijon's first wartime experience and several. The war being the First Griffin Sword War. Led by four generals or "Hands" of the dark Lornon Arkati, Sheru, V'tull, Mularos and Luukos. These attacks lasted weeks into months as minions of the Dark Gods assaulted the gates of the Landing. Many died, blessedly to have deeds with Lorminstra to rejoin the fray. Eventually Drizzsdt, Thalior and others were able to slay the generals and push the dark forces back beyond the realm, but it would leave an ever lasting impression on Geijon about aspects of power and wartime service.

Geijon's elevation as an Officer in the House of the Rising Phoenix with Waldo2, Cynric, Hyssopp, and several others as Treasurer. The House roster swelled significantly in these years and other officers would serve in the intervening years such as Sylvine, an adopted uncle married to Lady Kate, and Eahlstan.

The Warrior Guild was established around this time and Geijon took to battering barriers, berserk training and warcry work along with Ruffelin, Shadowkatt and others who would go on to be the earliest masters of the guild. It was first around then that he had heard of the Order of the Silver Gryphon. He sought out others to know more about the recently established organization and went back to Ruffelin he had trained with who was willing to share as he had become a member himself. Eventually Geijon was honored to be invited as a guest, which led to Sir Ruffelin squiring him within the Order.

Cryheart and Evia would later join as well, squired by Sir Ruffelin later as well and Gaq, who squired with Waldo2. Both the Order and Phoenix are cornerstones of Geijon's attitude and makeup.

In more leisurely times the first two Juggernauts, Icemule's being particularly eventful, and cutting the trail to Solhaven in addition to his marriage to the sorceress Evialla Violetskye were highlights of these years.


You see Sir Geijon Khyree the Knight-Errant.
He appears to be a Giantman of the T'Kirem Clan.
He is very tall.  He appears to be advanced in years.  He has keen glacial blue eyes and tanned skin.  He has long, wind-tousled golden brown hair shot through with fine silvery strands.  He has an angular face, a straight nose and a small goatee.
He is in good shape.
He is holding a gleaming rune-scribed maul in his right hand.
He is wearing a fang-inset greathelm painted with a red-eyed bear visage, a long autumnal byssine cloak with a deep satin-lined hood, an imflass threaded war harness slung over his shoulder, a capacious black canvas backpack, a faceted ruby studded ora neckchain, a long black wool surcoat emblazoned with a white shield, a gold-linked livery collar with a firestone inset winged phoenix emblem, a laje-bound deringo badge, some smoothly articulated mithril field plate reinforced with rolaren, a shaggy dark grey wolf fur satchel, a rune-carved minotaur horn cylinder, a ghastly yew seed pendant suspended by a length of sinew, a black enameled bracer with a silver gryphon set in a ruby circle, a gold-strung anklet of alternating black and white onyx tiles, a heroic knight clasp, a stylized golden griffin pin, a resplendent pearl ring inset with a square black and white shield, some mithril-traced thick ora arm greaves detailed with argent rampant gryphons, some etched rolaren leg greaves clasped with mithril buckles, an onyx and ruby wedding band, some supple black leather boots with a reinforced metal shin clasped with mother-of-pearl shields, and a pair of golden spurs.

Current Training and Skills

Level 0 Stats for Geijon, Giantman Warrior

    Strength (STR): 30
Constitution (CON): 58
   Dexterity (DEX): 68
     Agility (AGI): 68
  Discipline (DIS): 73
        Aura (AUR): 82
       Logic (LOG): 88
   Intuition (INT): 70
      Wisdom (WIS): 82
   Influence (INF): 41