Girvahk's Shop Museum

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Girvahk's Shop Museum is located on Tumbledown Lane within Girvahk's Professional Mercantile Services. It is accessed by entering the bar (which is the entry room) and going through an arch.

[Girvahk's Shop, Museum]
Weapons of various types and origins are mounted on the walls to the north, west and east in this magnificent museum. Shields bearing coats of arms and personal crests from places near and far are on display. A glaes-bound display case dominates the center of the room. You also see a louvered modwir door to the north, an ironbound oak door leading to the back yard, a spiral stairway leading to the second floor, a dark stairway leading to the basement and an ornate marble arch leading back to the bar.

On the north wall you see a massive red glaes battle axe and a blue imflass shield.

The massive red glaes battle axe mounted on the north wall is well preserved but marked with the signs of battle. The head of the axe is notched deeply near the tip, and the haft is stained with dark blotches. Under the axe is a plaque that reads, "Roddesvreck". You see nothing unusual, except for a small enchanter's glyph.

The imflass shield mounted on the north wall is deep blue edged in silver vultite filigree. Seven silver vultite studs dot the shield in a pattern of stars over a green field. In the middle of the horizon of the scene at the center of the shield is a diamond the size of a fist. Under the shield is a plaque that reads, "Fhahtouul." You see nothing unusual, except for a small enchanter's glyph.

On the west wall you see a tall silk standard and a huge ivory warhorn.

The standard mounted on the west wall is old and tattered, but was once of the finest silk. Against a field of dull grey, a black falcon perches atop a white staff tipped with a star of five points. Below the standard is a blank plaque.

The warhorn hanging from a hook on the west wall is made of pure white ivory. Brass bands attached with silver studs circle the center and edges of the horn. Below the warhorn is a plaque that reads, "Vlodimm's Voice".

On the east wall you see an onyx-hilted ora longsword and a golden mithril alloy shield.

The onyx-hilted ora longsword mounted on the east wall is made from pure golden ora and is hilted with fine black onyx. The blade is clearly of high quality and expert craftsmanship. Long, thin scorch marks run diagonally along the longsword, making the blade look slightly twisted. In the hilt, a blue sapphire twinkles brightly. Under the longsword is a plaque that reads, "Froriggen".

The golden kite shield mounted on the east wall is emblazoned with a wreath of blue roses and edged with a matching blue border. Riveted mithril bands can be seen along the backside, obviously giving the shield great resistance to crushing blows. Under the kite shield is a plaque that reads, "Calthus Lampion, the Usurper"

In the display case you see an enruned golvern mace.

The enruned golvern mace in the display case appears to be very old. The golvern head is pitted and scratched, but sturdy and still battle-ready. The haft is of solid oak and wrapped with a thick leather thong. The runes that mark the head at even intervals and run along the haft are unreadable. A faint aura of holy light radiates from the mace.}}

Nothing can be purchased in the museum.