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Use Weapons, Armor
Bonus +15
ST/DU 24/65
Rarity Rare
Weight Modifier 150%
Primary Color Translucent and dark
Dyeable Yes

Glaes is a slightly translucent, commonly black or dark-colored glass formed within the intense, volatile atmosphere of a volcano. It is quite heavy even after undergoing forging, but it is very strong and durable and thus is often sought after by adventurers going up against heavily-armed foes. Glaes can be dyed, but it almost always retains its translucent, shiny look. Glaes has a natural enchantment slightly lower than vultite. In the past, it was often referred to by traders around Darkstone Bay as 'mein', but the name 'glaes' has become commonly used worldwide as information between cultures spread.

Glaes was once quite rare, only being found in long-dormant lava fields in small quantities, but the relatively recent discovery of Teras Isle by dwarven miners has led to it becoming a much more commonly-traded material in Elanthia. Numerous large deposits of glaes were found to be on the island, and the dwarven mining companies scrambled to colonize where they could there. New forms of glaes were found on the volcanic island, ranging through many different colors, the rarest and most valued being rainbow glaes.

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