Gold-mottled tiger maple cart

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Gold-mottled tiger maple cart is a specialty shop in Ta'Illistim. It is located outside of the Moonglae Inn and sells scarves, cravats, and trinkets to adorn them.

[Ta'Illistim, BriarStone Court]
The stonework tracery rosette windows of the Moonglae Inn sparkle in the starlight, casting tiny rainbows of shimmering hues from off their stained glass panes. You also see the Guard Captain and a gold-mottled tiger maple cart with some stuff on it.


In the Common language, it reads:


The fabrics sold in the chest are only worn as scarves, and the fabrics in the crate are only worn as cravats.
The trinkets sold in the case may be put in any of the fabrics for extra adornment.

-Ianthra Nishaye

In the grey haon chest you see:

a length of lunar silver silk neck-worn
a length of shadowy slate silk gauze
a length of gauzy pale muslin
a length of lilac-printed calico
a length of lacy sky blue brushed cotton

In the mahogany crate you see:

a length of gold-spotted foulard neck-worn
a length of dark cobalt wool
a length of wine and ebon jacquard
a length of layered grey matte silk
a length of forest green cambric

In the jewelry case you see:

Trinkets to put on above
a rectangular pale vultite ingot pin-worn
a fine-grained ironwood cube
an iridescent grey-blue snail shell
a steel-tipped dark obsidian arrowhead
a slim bar of verdigris-swept bronze
a lustrous royal blue starstone
a miniature silvery mithril padlock
a vivid citrine and jet spike
a tiny golden moonstone wolf paw
a glossy black dreamstone owl pin
a vaalin-framed white diamond stud