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Moonglae Inn is a food shop in Ta'Illistim. It is located on Briarstone Court in the western part of the city. Visitors can CHECK IN at the front desk in the lobby. Private tables, each named after a constellation, are found in the skylit atrium. Lodging and rooms are upstairs, and there is a rooftop park that looks over the sights of the Shining City.

[Moonglae Inn, Atrium]
A skylight two stories above allows the moons' glow to flood this room, giving it the feel of an outdoor cafe. Set into the grey marble pillars surrounding the atrium are metal planters filled with a variety of flowers, plants, and hanging vines. A burbling fountain in the center of the room makes the illusion complete. You also see a variety of tables spaced throughout the room.


  1. a small apple cheese loaf         10. a glass of water
  2. a savory onion loaf               11. a small cup of tea
  3. a sesame seed dinner roll         12. a stein of mugwort ale
  4. a small block of cheese           13. a shot of orange peel gin
  5. some leek and cabbage soup        14. a shot of lime gin
  6. some roquefort stuffed eggplant   15. a shot of lemon-infused gin
  7. a honey-dipped roast quail        16. a shot of apple brandy
  8. a brandied apricot                17. a glass of deep red merlot
  9. a gingerbread elf

Note: The menu can be found in the kitchen and at each table, but not in the atrium room.

Behind the Scenes

Moonglae Inn's atrium is Room #0 of Script Go2's map database.


As of 07/20/2020, Moonglae Inn allows dark elves to enter.