Halgard (prime)

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Halgard Ludington

'Tis seems like ages ago. But as I recall, I grew up in an underground realm. It was a peaceful happy life. Family was everywhere and magic was plentiful. Soon the outside world was forgotten. I was just a wee little elf when things began to change.

I remember the screaming and explosions all about. I remember elves fleeing this way and that. Somewhere down in the mountain, something terrible had awakened. My family and friends fought valiantly, but without success. The dead creatures kept coming and coming. Soon the magic was all gone. My people fell like wheat before the harvester.

I remember swimming for my life. The water was cold and air smelled of a foul stench. Only a few of us survived. My parents and family dead, I was fortunate to find my way to the surface.

At that time I realized the foolishness of those who could not hold a blade. I vowed that I would never be dependent wholly on magic. As such, I am one of the few Elven warriors that roam the lands, with purpose and determination.

Later I was adopted by a human family. The Ludingtons were a fine family. Not wealthy in the least, but of noble spirit and values. They raised me as their own. My own name forgotten, I took the name they gave me and was grateful. Halgard. Halgard Ludington. Not an Elven name, but a proud name, dignified and honorable.

As I have learned more and more about the world, I vowed to return to my birthright. Many times I have gone back to the Wolves Den searching for clues, but have come up without answers. I have even tried to clear my home of the evil the lurks there. For now, the evil is just to deep.

One day, I shall have my home and name back. As a Voln master and warrior, I shall take back that which is rightfully mine.

Until that day, I continue to hone my skills. My many comrades in the wild lands are my friends. Helden Hall has become my second home. Its members are my brothers and sisters in spirit. You can see me there often. You might even hear a tale or two. Look for me in the back of the room, chuckling and twisting grins from others near the fire.